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Bought FB as this vanilla fragrance is outstanding. Catches the noses of males walking by who enjoy the smell of vanilla on women. Enjoyed men asking where is vanilla scent from. Hope their ladies got gifts because of my scent in the office.
By   - Employed from Houston on 10/1/2020
Beautiful scent. Loved it and almost bought the full bottle when I happened to come across an almost identical clone- "sugared amber dreams" by pacifica which you can but a 10ml roller ball for 11 bucks and a full bottle for less than 25 bucks!!! Sorry indult, nice fragrance but if I can get the exact same thing for so much less I just have to....
By   - Analyst from Chicago on 9/28/2020
The incredible Tihota is absolutely the one perfume you must have. You might need two bottles or more. Pure beauty with a gentle opening of musk for about 15 minutes then the vanilla starts to come out. At one hour it is pure vanilla and I want to eat my arm. It is pure beautiful vanilla that I just want to be wrapped in. I keep smelling my arms, my wrists. Pure perfection! Best Vanilla Exquisite perfume anywhere! I have about 20 vanilla perfumes and none can compare to Tihota.
By   - VP of training and writing software programs from Vancouver, BC on 9/23/2020
An amazing lush, sweet , long lasting scent . Just BEAUTIFUL !
By   - RN from Danforth on 9/17/2020
I couldn't wait to try this fragrance because I love vanilla. Unfortunately after dabbing a little on my wrist, I immediately identified the smell of 'burned marshmallows".. I don't like marshmallows as a food, let alone as a perfume. Maybe it needs to grow on me, but as far as first impressions go.. there are other fragrances I would much rather invest in. Sadly, this isn't one of them.
By   - jewelry artist from HOMEWOOD on 6/1/2020
This is an excellent perfume and a great vanilla, my favorite of all the vanillas I've tried. Starts out cotton-candy but moves from there into a really beautiful musky-vanilla-almost floral. The musk is not nasty, either. Just a fantatic fragrance, and probably my next bottle buy.
By   - Writer from Saratoga Springs NY on 5/21/2020
I bought a sample since I was looking for a good vanilla. This is way too gourmand for me though. It smells just like a freshly made waffle cone.
By   - Student  from St. Louis on 4/13/2020
A very good "pure" vanilla scent that's certainly gourmand but doesn't just smell like cake. By pure I don't mean that vanilla is the only detectable note, more that it is the star of the show and everything else simply fades into the background as a supporting character. Unfortunately it's just too expensive for me to consider getting a full bottle considering there's enough similar fragrances out there at a fraction of the price.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 4/3/2020
Not many people realize that this gorgeous gem is another baby of MFK. If you love vanilla, you really HAVE to get this vanilla/ musk beauty. They only put out a limited amount every blue moon, so do NOT wait for this to sell out. It is definitely one the very best gourmands out there.
By   - Sales from Dallas, Texas on 3/17/2020
I am in love with this Indult Tihota. I used Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace for years, until they discontinued. I searched for 2 years to find another Vanilla that I love. I found it!!!!!!! Please, never stop making this.
By   - Drug Rep from Franklin on 3/9/2020
I have been buying samples of this for months I was so captivated by it. I finally bought a bottle and I am so so happy I did it’s going to be my signature scent !! The perfect sweet vanilla nothing compares in my mind!!! I just pray they always make it ??????
By   - Teacher assistant  from Grafton on 12/27/2019
Imagine a bottle of very expensive, carefully bottled vanilla. For expensive cakes. For lavish weddings. Then wrap that in a huge cloud of powerful musk. Very animalic. Very long lasting. If you like your delicate vanilla wrapped in musk that won't quit, you will love this.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 12/26/2019
I have never been a huge fan of vanilla as a note in fragrances until I smelled this scent and one other, Sucre Noir. O...M...G! Tihota is just...beautiful. There are really no other words. How is it even possible that a simple scent like vanilla and warm musk is so stunningly beautiful? I will say that Sucre Noir edges Tihota for me just a bit because of the added layer of sugar that gives it a 'gritty' sweet texture that I love, but Tihota is pure class. This is what wealthy, opulent vanilla smells like folks. Wow. Just...WOW!
By   - Administrative Assistant from OKC on 12/23/2019
An excellent vanilla for the vanilla lovers out there. One of the best as it is long lasting, warm, smooth, deep and feminine. There’s no fruity or floral understones, just rich vanilla pod. Right on par with annuncia’s Vaniglia del Madagascar, Montale’s vanilla absolu, and Jalaine’s vanille. I didn’t want to be part of the hype but damn Tihota has earned it with this beautiful concoction.
By   - Hotel manager from Puerto Rico on 10/6/2019
Very feminine, and definitely not unisex.
By   - Procurement  from Saihat on 10/1/2019
I’ve had the sample of this for two years (kept sniffing it even after the juice had all evaporated lol) and my hubby finally ordered a full sized for me! It is straight up vanilla that just makes your eye roll back and melts your whole body. good! It’s pure, almost unrefined, straight out of the pod vanilla.
By   - Pharmacist from PA on 9/18/2019
Rich, seasonally versatile vanilla perfume for gals and guys. It really should be unisex. I sampled Tihota a while ago, and my immediate thought upon opening the sample was that if humans did have pheromones, they’d probably smell like this. When Greek gods drink ambrosia, this is what they’re tasting. My monkey brain genuinely wanted to take a bite of it. Two years later, I’m still thinking about it and finally back to buy a full bottle! The push I needed was a guy sitting next to me, smelling fantastic and making me jealous about not being him, then me going “ that Tihota?” to which he replies “YES!” Lol, of course it was.
By   - Sales from New Orleans on 8/28/2019
This is the most beautiful vanilla smell. It was discontinued for a year? I was crushed I decided to check Lucky scent and was elated!!
By   - Karate teacher  from Albany on 8/22/2019
This perfume is pure perfection. It makes me want to cry--it is that good. I LOVE vanilla, and my all-time favorite is Vanilla Lace by Victoria's Secret. Tihota smells JUST like it...a beautiful vanilla that is slightly musky and warm, with no sicky sweetness. I do need to mention the longevity is not stellar on me. When I first applied it, it lasted not even two hours. I am now wearing it for the third day, and today I can finally smell it on me and when I move even hours later. I wish the sample came in a spray container rather than one where you have to dab your finger directly on the sampler and then onto your skin. I can't help but wonder if it were sprayed on me rather than "dabbed" if it would project more and last longer.
By   - Higher Education from Central Florida on 8/19/2019
Tihota is a beautiful, linear vanilla that lingers on sweaters and scarves beautifully in the colder months. This is vanilla done right: not sickly sweet or cloying but warm, mature and comforting.
By   - Teacher  from Providence on 8/4/2019
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