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I received the Indult Tihota, with a sample of the same, so only tried the sample. Many comments said not much musk, but I could smell it quite well. Do not care for it. I also got a sample of Mazzolari Vaniglia. Pure vanilla, no musk smell. Love it.
By   - None from Aiken on 5/18/2021
My order came much earlier than I expected. I sampled many vanilla fragrances. A few were cloying, some triggered headaches, but I kept coming back to this sample. Very cozy, warm, and comforting. Gourmand in a beautifully simple way. Not huge projection, but on me lasts a good 6 to 8 hours...close to the skin. ??Love it!
By   - Supply chain from Windham on 3/18/2019
This is beautiful! I've been trying so many vanilla fragrances lately. I'm sad to say, after having given it several chances, I don't like Tihota. Vaniglia smells similar to Tihota in a way—but there's something about it that, to me, smells more refined. The "marshmallow" quality smoothes it out somehow. Vaniglia smells angelic to me. Heavenly. FB here I come!
By   - - from - on 1/22/2019
I've been buying this scent in sample size for the past couple of years and just treated myself to the full bottle. I'm not a real perfume connoisseur / adept at describing its layers, but it's grabbed me like no other perfume before. It's warm, a little sweet, not heavy, but a couple spritzes last for hours. I've received so many compliments on it since I started wearing it!
By   - Marketing from Los Angeles on 7/26/2018
Sweet vanilla, beautiful for a cold December evening. Love!
By   - professional from Saint Paul on 12/10/2017
a nice vanilla scent. I have tried so many! This one isn't my favorite nor my least favorite. It ranks somewhere in the middle. It reminds me of Montale's Vanille Absolut (love that one!). Lasting power was around 3-4hrs. sillage quiet yet it gives off a warm hue. If you are curious and love warm, sweet vanilla scents give it a try for sure.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 7/1/2017
Beautiful vanilla scent! Pure vanilla nothing else, love it)
By   - Accountant  from NY on 3/23/2017
I really like this cozy, warm, sweet vanilla. It is very close to the skin after the first 30 mins, so if you're looking to get noticed this probably isn't for you! What it lacks in projection, it makes up for with staying power. This lasts and lasts and lasts! I get 10+ hrs out of it. Not sure that I will buy a FB as I own Van Cleef & Arpels Vanille Orchidee - which has similar notes but better projection.
By   - IT from Texas on 2/4/2017
I'm grateful for the mention of marshmallow above, because without it I would have been here for quite some time trying to figure out that effect. "Uncomplicated" in this case is no insult and shouldn't be confused with "basic" -- this is a beautifully built cuddle-in-close scent and a tremendously pretty vanilla, particularly recommended if the likes of Tihota leave you cowering.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/29/2016
Lovely vanilla. Light, sweet and a bit shy. Be prepared to reapply often :)
By   - Hedonist from Canada on 1/9/2016
This is a beautiful vanilla that is not cloying or too sweet or ruined by weird notes as some vanilla-based scents are. However, it's not very strong. I am used to Bond No. 9 and Tihota which give you a lot of bang for your buck.
By   - Teacher from Laguna Beach on 12/16/2015
I was on a quest for the perfect vanilla for me and this is it. It is a cozy scent, very sweet, very rich but also interesting enough that I won't tire of it easily. It has more to it than some vanilla based scents, which is what I wanted, and yet it's not overly complicated or overdone. The caramel compliments but doesn't dominate and the orchid almost lightens thing up a little, brings in the femininity. This beauty lasts and lasts! 8+hours. Can't go wrong if you're also on a vanilla quest!
By   - Mom from St. Paul on 10/13/2015
I thought there was nothing quite like Tihota, but this is remarkably similar. This is the delicious-type, uncomplicated vanilla like Outremer Vanille, but better--I LOVE IT.
By   - Musician from Saint Louis on 9/12/2015
By   - MUA from MIAMI on 4/10/2015
This is a lovely, smooth, not-too-sweet vanilla, softened by airy florals and feather- light. As much as I adore Tihota, this is, in it's own way, every bit as beautiful and far more affordable! FB on my wishlist!
By   - RN from Smellington, CT on 2/10/2015
beautiful. the caramel is soooo good. orchid and vanilla as well. love at first sniff
By  on 12/12/2014
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