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Creed as always with an incredible scent. It gives you a nice and strong peppermint smell. Subtle yet pronounced.
By   - Life Coaching from Minneapolis on 6/11/2019
I am a man who appreciates strong aromas and distinct smells. I tend to go for the peppermint smell and or pepper scent as a whole. I have worn Creed for some time now but was never truly aware of Viking Scent. This is one of their top scents. Job well done as always Mr Creed.
By   - President from MN on 5/27/2019
When considering the price I was really expecting more. Perhaps my nose isn't skilled enough to discern those finer ingredients. But I know what I like and what I can afford. I think it's okay, but never affordable. It's a very run of the mill average scent. Fresh aquatic waves with bits of citrus fruit and wheat. A smell of honey and rhubarb, maybe mint? I hear that creed is renowned for the great materials they use. That is not reflected here, so i'll pass.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 9/9/2018
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