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Opening: 5/5 Dry Down: 5/5 Longevity: 5/5 Projection: 5/5 Seasons: Recommend for all seasons Sprays: Day/Night - 4; Outside Event - 5; Club - 5 Compliment factor: 5/5 Overall: Beautiful from opening to a long awaited dry down. This fragrance creates a pleasant scent trail wherever you walk for everyone around you to smell. I've gotten so many compliments when wearing Aventus (some that I can't put on here haha). I recommend this for anyone that wants to make a statement and a lasting memory. Aventus is a blast of confidence, but remember don't go too crazy on the trigger
By   - Business Owner from Philadelphia on 7/10/2020
what can you say about the King? its Handsome dressed up in a bottle. The GOAT of opening notes Aventus is not the same lately, to me its not the notes themselves but batch inconsistencies. I talked with a Creed Rep at Neiman Marcus and asked why some batches smell fruitier than others & does Creed reformaute aventus? She said the notes or flowers that are harvested depend on the season of that year, some seasons are better than others, its just a hit and miss, suggest finding an Aventus forum to keep updated on fruitier batches.
By   - driver from San Antonio on 6/10/2020
I've smelled this a couple times on others in the wild and immediately recognized it--which is a bit too popular for my tastes, like a slightly rarer version of Drakkar. A niche fragrance for fragrance conformists. In fairness, it smells good on some men (and so does Drakkar), although it didn't work on me the few times I tried it. More to the point, Aventus has a following of militant apologists--like Glock or Harley-Davidson does--who lash out at anyone criticizing it. The several "reviews" here that just bash other reviewers, without even reviewing the product, testify to the fact. Even if I liked it, I wouldn't want to be associated with that crowd by wearing it, any more than I'd ride Harley-Davidson if they actually made good bikes.
By   - Instructor from Akron on 6/7/2020
The worlds top scent. Breathtaking.
By   - Executive Coach from Minneapolis MN on 5/12/2020
Been using Creed Aventus on and off for a few months, gets the most compliments. Ladys love it and this is probably the best way to get it without the huge price tag. Highly suggested
By   - Clerk from Austin on 5/29/2019
I find the attitudes towards Aventus to be similar to pop culture reactions in general. The whole batch number debate, seems so polarizing as to dispel all credibility for those who either spew forth venom, or insulin level mountains of sugary praise. Aventus is a wonderful fragrance. To say that it's garbage seems absurd to me just based on it's uniqueness, and overall amazing presence, but that is subject to personal taste of course. Aventus would be 2nd or 3rd in my list of favorite Creeds. Royal Mayfair, Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Spice & Wood, Virgin Island Water, Neroli Sauvage would be my order of preference. Honestly, Aventus is a modern fragrance masterpiece.
By   - Corporate America from S.F. on 7/24/2017
"Aventus Creed is only as good as the quality of the batch. Meaning Creed is inconsistant with their perfume, this is why I've remained nuetral about the Creed House. " I always find these types of fragrance snob posts annoying. As if they've performed an olfactory chemical analsys of all Creed fragrances and can determine batch variations and quality control far better than the perfumer. They remind me of wine snobs who try to determine the very essence of a wine thinking they can key out all the subtle nuisances and then educate the masses on the pros and cons. Fragrance snobs are the same as wine snobs. Best thing is to take their opinion with a huge grain of salt...and then don't believe what remains.
By   - Teacher from Jacksonville on 12/19/2016
Creed Royal Oud is my favorite scent. This one isn't too bad, but I wouldn't wear is. Creed Santal is dreadful.
By  on 1/24/2015
In New York in the course of a day I encounter SO many people who have seen it all and smelled it all, so for Aventus to get compliments says a lot to me. I've never gotten a bad batch and it's so good, I've actually been accosted by a co-worker who sniffed me up and down like Rick Moranis' character in "Ghostbusters."
By   - Systems Analyst from New York on 10/10/2014
Batches aside, this one is just really a dud. The synthetic pineapple open is impressive but the smoky birch driven dry-down that is what you get for most of the development is maddeningly bad, IMO. When taking the good with the bad the whole thing ends up as a slight negative.
By  on 7/10/2014
My go to fragrance. Absolutely love Aventus. Gets me attention and compliments everywhere I go. As far as the batch variations, I have three different batches the Z01, W01, & an unknown batch 100ml decant. There are differences but nothing to get hung up over.
By   - Self Employed from Birmingham on 5/31/2014
I think this fragrance is a great fragrance, however, it is not to die for. I now own the perfumed oil and recently had the fragrance itself-again, it is a great fragrance but...just that great! As others have mentioned, it give off a nice aroma with the combination of French apples, pineapple, bergamot, patchouli, musk and others however, I'd also put this on the same stage as Royal Oud (another great creation by Creed). I am using this in the winter time, however, not sure what this would be like in summertime...curious though!
By   - Director from Grand Rapids on 3/24/2014
The comments here certainly point out the differences we experience when we smell the same fragrance. However, to assert that this is of department store quality is just wrong. There is NOTHING out there like Aventus. It is magnificient and, of the 100+ fragrances I've work, garner BY far the most compliments. As for the batch differences, remember that Creed uses NATURAL ingredients unles forbidden by law. So, there is going to be a small variation from batch to batch. I have three completely different batches of Aventus and would challenge anyone to actually identify any significant difference. My only disappointment with Aventus is that others can smell it long after I lose it.
By   - from South Carolina on 2/8/2014
I recently acquired the infamous Z01 batch in a 4 ounce flask and I guard this fragrance like it's gold. I've received compliments from women and men, who both strongly desired to know the name of the fragrance. Surprisingly, upon informing them of the price of a 4 ounce bottle, the reaction was similar and they did not care, they wanted the fragrance regardless of price. In one day, I received five compliments in a 8 hour shift and one of the females begged me for a decanted size bottle and wanted her boyfriend to wear it badly. She even went so far to travel from another city to my place of work on her off day to obtain the decanted bottle. Truly, Aventus works magic and is absolutely superior in longevity compared to the rest of the Creed line. Aventus is in your face but strangely not overpowering or offensive. IMO, it is an exotic mixture of fruit (blackcurrant/royal pineapple), rich brand new leather, wood, and a touch of patchouli that sets this apart from any other fragrance I've encountered. I cannot detect any other notes other than the aforementioned. Many of the Creed lines have Millesime written on them and are identified as Eau de Parfum but as far as I see it, this is the only fragrance that meets the gold standard in those two categories, in terms of longevity, projection/sillage. You will get your moneys worth with Aventus without any shadow of a doubt.
By   - Street Cop from Niagara Falls, NY on 6/12/2013
Not much to say here. Wife loves this one! I do too. Wore this on my wedding day. It is AMAZING. Pineapple and a bit of smoke in the background. Masculine, and yet still appeals to ladies who like sweet/fruity. It checks all boxes. If you are worried about wearing Aqua Di Gio because your man card might get swiped, and replaced with a student library card, then check this one out.
By   - from Tucson, AZ on 5/31/2013
I agree with Preston on this one. I think this one is well made and isn't falsely subtle. There's no austere pretense here, and the ingredients are good enough to place it a cut above many designer fragrances. I put this on par with Green Irish Tweed regarding personal appeal. Nothing about the composition I dislike. Thank you, Creed for making another "real" eau de parfum! I could easily wear this one without feeling that "stuck-up" vibe!
By   - from Evansville on 3/22/2013
Aventus Creed is only as good as the quality of the batch. Meaning Creed is inconsistant with their perfume, this is why I've remained nuetral about the Creed House. I've had samples and a big bottle and they were completely different. It's a diservice primarily due to the price tag. Creed has a reputation for creating world famous perfumes, and the fragrance community has co-signed, and overhyped some of these scents. I was also fooled by testers in Nieman Marcus, when I purchased the bottle it wasn't the same. So be mindful that you might get a bad bottle, this can happen with any scent. However Creed should live up to their high standards, especially for the prices.
By   - from Chicago on 9/21/2012
Aventus is hands down one of the best parfums in the past 5 years. It's a beautiful mix of fruits, birch tar, and roses. Ive been wearing this over a year, I've never once smelled vanilla in this. Even tho it's listed as a note, it's possible that it's used as a compound to make an entirely different accord. This is smoky and refined. Whenever I meet with my lawyer I wear this..
By   - Carpenter from New York City on 8/15/2012
Not a fan. I like the subtle pineapple opening a lot, but the smokey synthetics are just too much. Not terrible by any stretch, but not recommended either.
By  on 3/28/2012
I was so excited about tying this cologne just to be dissapointed I felt sick right after I put it on, it is very strong, overpowering. I had a headache all day from it. Still cant even smell it because I will get sick. Im so disspointed
By   - radiologist from Boston on 2/19/2011
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