Virgin Island Water

Eau de Parfum (Millissime)

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Smells DIVINE--instant summer feeling...but, alas, it is fleeting on my skin and for the price point, I feel it ought to last longer :(
By   - Designer from Seattle on 2/3/2017
For a man, this scent is amazing, I ordered a sample with me in mind (I'm a lady), but I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist and having thoughts of tanned, warm, masculine skin fresh from a day at the beach. Like nuzzling a dude's neck and brushing sand off his shoulders. It smells wonderfully beachy and unisex when you first put it on, but it dries and mellows to a decidedly manly cologne scent. I'm not purchasing for me now, but it will definitely be a must give gift for the next man in my life.
By   - Manager from LA on 8/14/2016
I love this fragrance. Beautiful on a man or a woman. Very much a summertime scent. Fresh lime, creamy coconut, and dries down to that signature Creed musk. The scent equivalent of taking a sip of a fresh mojito on a hot day.
By   - Stylist from Denver on 3/29/2016
Loved the opening, loved the middle and then uh-oh, the musk kicked down the door, threw out the lime and coconut and stayed. I amp up musk, so maybe it's just me. I was hoping for that glorious first 20 minutes to stay, but after that, it was unbearable.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 5/23/2015
Gentlemen, buy it. the only way to truely appreciate this fragrance is to experience it. Lime opening followed by a noticable but not overpowering coconut that lingers well. for great sillage,no more than two sprays on the neck. it gives a summer-time type of vibe.
By   - Medicine from Washington D.C. on 4/2/2015
Opens with a gorgeous fresh lime, moves to a warm rum, then a spicy ginger, and finishes with a lingering coconut which isn't too sweet or overpowering. Marvelous.
By  on 9/22/2014
LOVE this! Its perfect. Was surprised by the strong lime opener, but it quickly moves on as the other notes unfold. It lasted all day on me and made me smile and think of summertime and beaches and happiness each time I smelled my wrist. Now if only I can justify the price tag. . . .
By   - attorney from New Orleans on 8/15/2014
I feel like this is sunshine in a bottle. The delicate balance of coconut, lime and musky undertones works so well on a summer's day or balmy evening, It reminds me of a holiday in Italy. A really great scent full of happy memory associations.
By   - Perfume editor and consultant from London on 4/12/2013
I should've known better than to try this scent because I'm not a fan of coconut fragrances. I always hope they won't be cloyingly gourmand to my own chagrin. I can't say that I disappove of Virgin Island Water because it is what it is-even if that doesn't happen to appeal to my taste. To contradict, I wouldn't go so far as to call this a "cloying" scent as to say it's sweeter than I prefer, especially since it has a prominent coconut note. Maybe I'll layer this with lime oil to cut the sweetness and hope for the best.
By   - from Evansville on 3/22/2013
Whoever said that this smells like you are drenched in a mojito hit the nail on the head..... It makes me so happy when I wear this. I happen to think it's rather light, but to my surprise, about 10 hours later someone told me they loved the way I smelled and I knew it had to be this. It is my go-to summer fragrance, and I've never found anything to even come close to duplicating its magnificent scent. I absolutely loooove this! Definitely more of a warm weather scent, but I plan to spray it in the winter to lift my spirits!
By   - from Connecticut on 7/13/2012
I love this scent! (I wish it had a different name as I've been to the Virgin Islands and they do NOT smell like this at all. Too many dead rotting iguanas everywhere. Ugh!) I really like island-y, beachy scents and this is definitely one. But the best part is that it does not have that cliche suntan lotion smell that most island scents have. I hear Calypso music playing whenever I put this on. Love it.
By   - bartender from Bay Area on 6/21/2012
I think this scent is overrated. My experience of it is as a watered down mojito with a hint of coconut. Not terrible but overall just nothing to write home about. I actually felt physically underwhelmed when I put this on.
By   - Admin from Melbourne on 6/14/2012
Very high-pitched feminine and cloying to my nose. Lime dominates the fragrance. Wish there was more coconut. Smells more like a cleaning product than a day at the beach.
By  on 6/8/2012
I live in Florida... this is the only scent I have that's made for the beach. When it's hot (100 degrees or more), the coconut and rum just shines. This scent brings out your "sexy"!
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 5/29/2012
Man I smell good! This elixir is highly addictive! Definitely unisex, but trending towards the masculine. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be very long-lasting. But it's sooooooooo irresistible!!! A scent that could get you in trouble...
By   - from St Louis on 5/4/2012
Literally smells like you spent the day at the beach and then spilled a mojito on yourself at dinner. Puts a smile on my face every time I wear it.
By   - from Seattle on 3/12/2011
Gorgeous tropical beachy scent that never descends into suntan oil territory. Begins with a refreshing, crisp burst of lime, then the coconut comes to the fore, supported by creamy sweet, musky florals, & in the drydown there's rum & brown sugar, mmm, just like a delicious mojito! lt's really quite addictive & lasts the longest of the few Creeds that l've tried. Definitely summer only, but worth a sniff in the depths of winter to remind me of warmer climes. lt's similar to Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Aloha Tiare, but done with much more finesse, & unfortunately MUCH more expensive!
By   - from southampton uk on 9/2/2010
This stuff is crack for me. As a man, it's tough to pull off a coconut scent, but this is scent is neither masculine nor feminine. It just smells like vacation. The top note is a blast of juicy lime and then dries into a coconut rum scent mixed with light florals.
By   - from Herndon, VA on 8/6/2010
The lime in this fragrance stands out the most when one initially dabs it on skin...Then, the coconut note comes out as the scent starts to unfold...I think it's too masculine for me; I gave my husband this fragrance for him to try...It also does not stay on for longer than 3 hrs.
By   - Theatre Educator from LC, NM on 3/25/2010
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