Aventus For Her

Eau de Parfum

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Smells so good. I get so many compliments when I wear it. The scent lasts all day. My favorite perfume!
By   - S from Ames on 6/5/2018
The opening is a bright and fruity apple, which settles down into a base that reminds me a bit of a green bell pepper. This is possibly the freshest patchouli scent I've tried. I can detect the similarities with Aventus, yet somehow this one is less sweet and fruity than the male version.
By   - Engineer from Seattle on 9/15/2017
Not great. I enjoy the original Aventus, and looked forward to a more feminine version, but all I can smell is a massive dose of Iso E Super which has the same nasal burning effect as inhaling too many cleaning chemicals without proper ventilation. If you like Iso, get a bottle of Escentric 01 or Molecule 01 instead and save your money.
By   - CPA from Phoenix on 9/8/2017
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