Millesime Imperial

Eau de Parfum (Millésime)

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Here's what other people are saying about Millesime Imperial...
I like this fragrance a lot but like others I find after a couple of hours I can't even smell it on myself which is very unusual as most fragrances seem to last all day on me. As much as I like this fragrance on me, when I smell it on women it drives me absolutely crazy and I think I prefer it more on a woman.
By   - Health Coach from Grand Cayman on 5/2/2017
I've tried several Creed frags, and the thing I'm noticing is that they seem to take awhile to really develop. At first I thought, "There goes that anosmia thing again.", but after 30 minutes or so I can smell it really developing into a nicely done scent. It sits well on the skin rather than standing on it so it blends to the wearer and doesn't overwhelm or offend. I think I'm starting to "get" it!
By   - from Evansville on 3/24/2013
Completely anosmic to the notes in this fragrance. All I get is that Creed signature, which prompts me to know it's expensive- though not personally splurge-worthy.
By   - from Evansville on 3/22/2013
Can anyone give me the phone number to the "Honesty Department"? I mean c'mon really? This fragrance is good no doubt but my beef with creed isn't the price, it's the longevity. MI has to be sprayed on your clothes; otherwise, it's gone in 2 hours...Well, at least on my skin.
By   - from NORFOLK on 7/28/2012
Absolute perfection. Received a sample and it is the most versatile, delightful scent. As soon as I can afford the splurge, I plan to buy the full bottle.
By   - from connecticut on 7/16/2012
This is the gold standard for me. It has been my number one fragrance for over twenty years. The formulation has changed slightly but overall it remains the classiest, most positive fragrance I have ever encountered. Think Cary Grant.
By   - from Minneapolis on 1/7/2011
The most universally wearble and enjoyed scent I have worn, and worn for a lifetime. Elevates the mood, sets the tone, and as far as I am concerned sets the bar for all others! And I do love to try others!!
By   - from Bernardsville on 10/26/2010
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