Royal Oud
50ml $385
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One of the top ouds in the world of fragrance.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 4/6/2021
whether this is genuine oud, to me, doesn't really matter. this is, by far, the best of my collection. I was lucky enough to get the 75ml size for a good deal less when I bought it sight unseen because it was a creed perfume. I bought it because I was given a gift of creed Himalaya and was instantly hooked on that. I don't profess to know anything about top notes, middle notes, etc. what I do know is what smells good and lasts. my biggest fear is that when I run out I won't be able to get another bottle for what I paid for the one I have now.
By   - Retired from Staten Island, NY on 10/28/2017
Very masculine and regal, this is an excellent fragrance from Creed and quite different from a lot of their offerings. When wearing it, you can tell it's Creed it just has that "Creed" signature smell.....but this is warm, spicy, and elegant. Definitely a date night cologne, definitely fit for a formal event, or an important meeting where you want to be noticed but not offend anyone. It's subtly sweet, spicy, fresh, and warm all rolled into one great package. My gf loves this on me....wish I could afford a bottle though.
By   - Education from Fort Lauderdale on 10/3/2017
This is one of my favorites in my collection of Creed, I like it because its a little different. I find this scent very masculine, I wear it for a lot of occasions and live in a hot climate, I can see why people would say its more of a fall/winter or evening fragrance. When I first smelled it, it reminded me of my younger days in the UK when I used to wear Burberry London for men which smells similar for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative, I personally don't mind spending this kind of money for a beautiful fragrance that stands out from the rest.
By   - Health Coach from Grand Cayman on 5/2/2017
Gentlemen, this is another classic from the house of Creed. the oud is subtle but noticeable . worth noting is that others seem to smell the fragrance long after I cannot detect it. some may complain about pricing but as long as the quality is commensurate, I don't find it to be an issue.
By   - Medicine from Wash DC on 4/24/2015
This is my favorite creed, and the only one i really like. Mmmmmm it smells sooo good. However, it's a pricey small bottle. :)
By   - from Dallas on 4/17/2015
Great Fragrance. This is a delicious spicy experience, and incredibly unique. A little sweet, and almost smells smoky/woody at first. I actually like the opening the best, and the second I put this on and walk past my wife, she lights up. I try to surprise her some times with this. The drydown can get slightly cloying in the summer time, so this might be best in the fall and the winter. Overall an excellent fragrance, and one that fills a spot in a collection that doesn't see too much competition, at least in my opinion. One spray is usually enough. Excellent initial sillage, but becomes close to the skin within an hour, and stays there for several hours.
By   - from Tucson, AZ on 5/31/2013
By far the best by Creed. I find most of their offerings to be more like designer fragrances with better ingredients, and this one doesn't break that trend. However, this is probably the smoothest and most perfectly blended scent Creed has to offer. Don't let the name fool you either into expecting an oud centric composition ala Montale. The oud is buried and doesn't begin to show itself until until later, and it's quite soft when it does appear. Should have more appropriately been named "Royal Spice" but beautiful nonetheless. It begins to shine after about 15 minutes. Try it!
By   - from Nishinomiya on 2/11/2013
Excellent fragrance. If only I could afford it...
By   - musician  from Pensacola on 12/8/2012
Royal Oud is a smooth and spicy aoud scent. Very sexy.
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 12/6/2012
I`ve been buying Green Irish Tweed for the past SiX years earlier T`day I bought a bottle of Royal Oud It`s Beeeautiful
By   - Olfactory Phantosmia from Exeter on 10/22/2012
I am not an oud specialist, but this parfume is a winner. My wife puts it on and it takes a totally different personality when she does. Night on the town, fancy resturant kinda scent although I'll wear it on any occasion because I love it
By   - Carpenter from New York City on 8/15/2012
The only reason why i dont own this bottle is because of the price. Creed Royal Oud is a certified beast! The most expensive bottle i bought was $195 dollars. Its something about $300 thats not conducive to what i think a fragrance should cost.
By   - from NORFOLK on 6/17/2012
This has got to be one of the best Creeds ever. The dry down is amazing. I can't really describe this scent but I think this is a must try... Try it a few times before judging it.
By   - from montreal on 3/8/2012
I agree that this release is rather underwhelming, but please, be more thoughtful and meticulous when writing your reviews. The review below mine is embarrassing. Just take that extra minute to proofread your review and I assure you it will be taken more seriously.
By   - Painter from Portland, OR on 12/9/2011
Very disappointed with this when i heard Creed will release there take on oud and i love Oud, but this is nothing like oud and the price tag is crazy for 75ml, Creed is selling just the name!!!!!
By  on 12/1/2011
Nothing even remotely similar to oud in this. A huge disappointment.
By  on 11/18/2011
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