Green Irish Tweed

Eau de Parfum (Millésime)

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One of the most prominently powerful scents in the world. Incredible.
By   - President from Minneapolis on 5/1/2019
Simply Extraordinary! This fragrances smells like a walk through an herb garden on a sunny day. It is spicy and herbal but bright and fresh. I can smell the fresh crushed herbs and a touch of citrus. Strong and long-lasting. This is what a gentleman should smell like in the Spring and Summer.
By   - attorney from Augusta on 2/12/2018
This was the second Creed I bought myself and still to this day is my favorite, I love it, and women seem to love it on me too. Its a wonderful scent for the hotter climates, its such a fresh and cooling smell. This is 1 fragrance that will always be in my collection!
By   - Health Coach from Grand Cayman on 5/2/2017
after the IFRA regulations baning some perfume ingridients and and minimizing quantities of others this perfume is nonlonger what it used to be. its a sad day. the changes happenned circa 2015. today as i write this it is feb 18 2017. i just recently got a bottle from fragrancenet and i am returning it. this new green irish tweed no longer has the sillage projection or density it used to have. there is also something missing, a pleasant warmth it used to have. it also fades away not long lasting. i would like to add that other creed fragrances including aventus were affected i have been trying them and they are changed including aventus. farewell green irish tweed thanks for what you were, i am blessed and happy for experiencing you.
By   - nonya from your city on 2/18/2017
"Green" is an appropriate descriptor for this perfume (not sure what tweed smells like). An understated fresh, clean, outdoors-y fragrance that avoids any marine or just-stepped-out-of-the-shower cliches. Maybe it's just the power of suggestion but it does seem to have a sort of an Anglo-Irish vibe about it. Very easy to wear at any time, in any season. A personal favorite among all the Creeds.
By   - Guy from San Francisco on 1/11/2017
Gentlemen, not a lot needs to be said about a classic. sample it, buy it, enjoy the myriad compliments that it will garner. this is a beautiful 'out-doorsy' type of fragrnace. very clean/fresh smelling.
By   - medicine from Wash DC on 5/11/2015
This is a classic. When I wear it I feel confident, sexy. I hear cool water references but this was released in '85, cool water in '87. Respect the origionator!!
By   - Carpenter from New York City on 8/15/2012
Oh, I disagree with the 1-star review below. If worn correctly and on the right chemistry, it is very distinctive and inviting.
By  on 12/19/2011
Worst. Scrubber. Ever. My husband dabbed on some from a sample vial, and I could not take it. I have no idea why this should be so repulsive to me. Creed is a find brand, and I like all the notes. But this is far less than the sum of its parts. It smells like drug store sixties. Be forewarned.
By   - Journalist from Near El Lay on 7/17/2011
This is one of my all time favorites, and I'm a woman. Maybe that's why I love it so much... it's neither overtly feminine nor masculine, it's just a smart green scent that works well for all occasions.
By   - designer from atlanta on 3/29/2011
Even though this cologne is not overtly masculine, this is one of my favorite colognes. I like it because not only does it smell good to me, but also because of its adaptability. One could wear this cologne on any occasion and it is a pleasant fragrance to be enjoyed by either a man or a women. Actually, Green Irish Tweed (the masculine version) is truly a unisex fragrance that would make anyone smell great be it a man or a woman.
By  on 7/29/2010
I may be in the minority here as I know this is classed as a masculine scent but I really don't find it so on my skin. It is perfect for summer, clean and fresh smelling but I also get some sweetness from it - it is beautiful on my skin! I asked my husband what he thought of it and he is very critical and usually spot on with his observations on fragrance and he didn't say it smelt like a man's fragrance, nor has he on the 2 occasions I have worn it since, in fact when Ifinally told him, he wrinkled his face as if to say 'really?'. My female work colleague also commented on how nice this smelt at work yesterday. Bascially ladies, do not be put off by the classification of the fragrance. If you are looking for a nice clean, fresh scent for summer but still with some depth, this may be worth trying.
By  on 7/3/2010
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