Sublime Vanille

Eau de Parfum

by Creed

Sublime Vanille Sizes Available:
75ml $545
2.5ml sample $12
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Here's what other people are saying about Sublime Vanille...
Extremely similar to Acqua di Parma's Mandorlo di Sicilia. Would be nice on a woman. Very sweet.
By   - Student from Halifax on 10/31/2019
Sophisticated, mature vanilla. Nice but forgettable. Smells like linen but costs like silk. For the price....not really worth it.
By   - MD from Louisville on 5/6/2018
An amazingly delicate vanilla done to astonishing perfection. This fragrance is just amazing - perfect for warm weather with a slight touch of lemon added to a gorgeous vanilla that finishes with a gourmand touch of Vanilla and Tonka Bean. This is a MUST try for anyone that considers themselves to be a vanilla fan. Longevity was a solid 7+ hours, though projection was noticeable, but minimal (1-2 hours). I am a true vanilla lover and I've tried over 100 vanilla frags - this is the best I've tried and even more impressive that it can be worn in warm weather - all of that said, no fragrance is worth $545
By   - Security Professional from Dallas on 3/18/2018
I really enjoy this scent now. At first, my reaction was 'hmm, nothing special'. However, the more I wear it, the more it grows on me. I live in a warmer climate, so a light yet memorable perfume is great for everyday wear. On me it starts with a lovely fizzy lemonade scent (lemon with a little something with it), and dries down a wonderful warm, unobtrusive vanilla. Gave 4 stars because the scent doesn't last very long on me, also sillage is not that great (which is not an issue for me, thought to mention), and of course the ridiculous price. FYI - other perfumes I wear at the moment are Profumum Roma's Vanitas, Montale's Sweet Vanilla, and Jill Stuart's Vanilla Lush (as you can tell, I like sweeter/lighter scents).
By   - Business professional  from Irvine, CA on 7/22/2017
I was beyond elated as I read the overall description and notes; as it seemed like this might be my long awaited signature vanilla scent. However, upon receiving and testing, I was overcome by a "1980's middle school locker room scent" flashback as I was transported to the days of Jean Nate by Revlon. For those who don't know, Jean Nate was a popular after-bath-splash that came in massive bottles at your local pharmacy and had notes of lemon, musk, tonka bean, etc. Girls and women alike used to marinate in this stuff because it was inexpensive for generous bottle sizes. I was never a fan, so, sadly Creed Sublime Vanille will not be a FB purchase. The hunt continues...
By   - Professional  from Orlando on 12/30/2016
A wonderful, rich, bright, light, warm fragrance. Of course I can't afford this size bottle, but I've snagged decants and samples and worn this Vanilla for almost a year. It always is delightful. The vanilla is not gourmand, but delicious, constant, and slowly develops into a fragrance that sits close to the skin and always delights. If it weren't so expensive, I've use it to add to other fragrances. Wearable and gorgeous.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 6/30/2016
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