Spice and Wood

Eau de Parfum

by Creed

Spice and Wood Sizes Available:
75ml $545 $425
250ml $995
2.5ml atomizer
2.5ml atomizer sample $15
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Here's what other people are saying about Spice and Wood...
If this was in the same price range as other Creeds, this would get praised as high as them. Price tag aside, the scent is wonderful. You get what the name suggests, spices and cedarwood. But it has more depth than that. It has a certain freshness to it from the green apple and lemon, but it's subtle just . Not a strong projecting scent, it's rather a pleasant one that leaves a weak trail. A signature worthy masculine scent with a rugged edge. Great for masculine men that doesn't like the typical fragrance smell that projects heavily, and people around you wouldn't think you wear a fragrance. It's rather a smooth, yet rugged man scent. This just leaves a masculine aura around you that gives a feeling of a polite mature man with knowledge.
By   - Norway from Oslo on 6/30/2019
I'm surprised there are no reviews of this yet?!? I know the price tag is crazy, but thought some people would review based on a sample or something. Anyway, I have used some samples for the past couple years, and loved every second in using them up! I've continually been looking for a FB at a "reasonable" price. I finally found an eBay seller I trust, and checked out, and ended up getting my 2.5 oz bottle for $265! Less than half of the retail cost! The citrus at the top has just a bit of sweet background spice to it (probably the clove). And the dry down presents all the wood notes you'd be looking for. The bottles are phenomenal, and I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase!
By   - Recreation  from Cincinnati on 5/31/2017
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