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An unbelievably complex scent. It doesn't start easy with the nose, as it opens with a sting of eucalyptus that immediately dissipates to an alcamphor tsunami. However, if you are patient enough (really 10 minutes or so, but it will take more than that to get use to it), the reward is a strangely pleasant mellow dry down mix of roses and oranges waltzing together. It definitely transports you to the past... But for 2018: Not an everyday scent, and overall not a scent for an ordinary peasant. A parfum made for someone with too much confidence and power; or someone SO extravagant that could easily have a crocodile as a pet.
By   - Artist from Baltimore on 9/10/2018
There has never been a more contrasting scent like this one. Awful yet surprising. Offensive yet stunning. Gentleman, this is a man's man scent. The top notes consists of a sharp, grassy, smokey scent that is pungent to my nose. However, the dry down is MONEY!! The cedar and pine notes transition into a smooth and addictive aroma that will leave a captivating scent trail. Money!!
By   - Operations  from Fort Worth on 3/18/2016
I wish this didn't smell so great because Creed is expensive and I want a full bottle. This fragrance is one-of-a-kind. Like the person it was made for. It does not have the boozy or camphorous quality I expected. It is punchy and big but also warm like an expensive tweed suit. It totally make me think of Edward in a Harris Tweed suit with a glass of gin. Classic.
By   - Artist from Savannah on 2/2/2016
Truly FBW. Fresh, extremely well blended, smooth. I'm not a fan or rose, cedar, or pine in fragrance, so the woman simply sprayed some on blotting paper and handed it to me. Then I tried it on my skin. I was wearing Creed's Vanilla Sublime and the combination is swoon-worthy. I took a sample home, and this will be a Spring purchase for me. It develops leisurely, is not a sillage monster and lasts for well over 12 hours.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/28/2015
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