Spring Flower

Eau de Parfum (Millésime)

Spring Flower Sizes Available:
30ml $230
2.5ml atomizer
2.5ml atomizer sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Spring Flower...
This is another favorite of mine. The moment I smelled it from the vial, I knew I have to have this one. Oh man, it smells soooo good! I feel so fresh and so lively when I wear this.
By   - RN student from Tujunga on 2/8/2017
I wear sweet florals as other types turn bitter on me. This had a nice dry down to a powdery note without bitterness. Good spring flower scent at the beginning, but had to be sparing in application as it was a bit strong. Not sure about the staying power. May need reapplication.
By   - Nurse from Midwest on 1/21/2017
Perfect outdoor summer barefoot wedding perfume.
By   - Perfumeur from USA on 10/13/2012
On me, this came across as a mixture of sweet floral notes. Initially this was fun and summery, but became cloying after a while.
By   - from London on 5/12/2011
Was very disappointed with this as l expected it to smell like flowers, but all l got was a sickly-sweet fruity floral, with lots of apple & melon. Not for me, & thankfully it didn't last long. Young girls would probably love it, though.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/2/2010
I tried this on at the creed counter not expecting much since I LOATHE heavy florals. I also tried on Acqua Fiorintina which was touted as wonderful, beautiful. I bought the AF out of pressure. I couldn't stop smelling my hand with the SF. Took back the AF. HAVE to have Spring Flowers. AMAZING. Not too floraly and I get a light peach...oh, it' just beautiful!
By   - Mommy from New England on 6/23/2010
I have worn Spring Flower for years. It is the perfect spring and summer fragrance, fresh and clean. This was one of the favorite perfumes of Princess Dianna. Always get compliments when I am wearing this one. Rare and original. Try a sample first, you will love it or hate it. :O)
By   - Paralegal from Orlando on 2/19/2010
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