Love in Black

Eau de Parfum (Millésime)

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75ml $380 $260
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Love In Black is a sweet and elegant scent with moderate sillage and longevity. Absolutely gorgeous!
By   - from London on 5/12/2011
I did not care for this one when I tested it 6 mos. ago, but I'm trying it again and find myself liking it very much. It dries down quickly on my skin, but that may be a good thing because I don't like the very top notes. As time quickly passes though I keep getting these lovely, soft's this scent! Verrry nice and very surprising. The name initially confused me as I thought it implied evening wear, but to my nose this is a sweet, green, lady-like scent that is perfect for most occassions. Try it and give it some time. Lovely and clean. I hope it doesn't completely disappear too soon.
By  on 7/26/2010
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