Eau de Parfum (Millésime)

by Creed

Erolfa Sizes Available:
75ml $350
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An excellent and very natural smelling aquatic. This has a tart tangerine note with a subdued coniferous presence with a strong but pleasant and surprisingly natural smelling ozone note. The familiar millesime base of ambergris sandalwood (and a hint of vanilla) is present but is less creamy and sweet in Erolfa than in say, GIT or Green Valley. There is also a distinct salty presence in the heart of this fragrance that is quite unique (Amouage Arcus has it to a lesser degree, as does Bulgari Aqua and TDC's Sel de Vetiver, but its rendition here more accurately captures the sea air, imo. However, if you are really interested in true 'sea air' scents I would recommend checking out Bulgari Aqua and also the excellent "Wicken 3000", Six Scents Series 1 No. 2. That scent is a very minimalist representation of water and sea air and captures the effect perfectly and without any additional adorning notes, unlike Erolfa which has a tart orange and dry wood presence throughout). Longevity isn't the greatest but that's a good thing in this case because to achieve greater longevity they'd have to raise the amplitude of the fragrance as a whole and that would make it unbearable in the summer heat, where Erolfa shines brightest. Even so it will last a good 4-6 hours, and even longer in cooler weather. Erolfa is the smell of the ocean, but not just the ocean. It's smell captures the effect of the warm sun beating down on exposed flesh, driftwood washed up onto a sandy shore, and the acidic tang left on fingers after peeling an orange, all while standing next to the ocean.
By  on 1/9/2010
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