Etat Libre d'Orange

Une Amourette Roland Mouret

Eau de Parfum


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Of course I enjoy this scent. I tried it from their extraordinary 20 piece sample set. I'm writing this to praise this companies generous sample policy. Although I've spent a significant amount here, this time was only a $60 order. I requested some very expensive samples, which I fully expected to be replaced. The samples cost as much as the full bottle I ordered and they sent what I asked for. Their samples have often led to me purchasing products that I ordinarily wouldn't spend so much money on and Luckyscent has secured my loyalty by doing so.
By   - Hospitality from Lake Tahoe on 9/28/2021
Given Etat Libre d'Orange's reputation for making "edgy" perfumes I would not have picked Une Amourette to sample but I received it as part of the LS Fragrance Fitting. It's a beautifully blended woody jasmine scent with a dry, peppery opening and a semi-oriental woody-vanillic backbone enfolded by a jasmine that is lightened and freshened with neroli. Everything here feels perfectly proportioned and elegant. Recommend to lovers of jasmine and neroli who are looking for a sleek, clean, modern solar floral. An unexpected delight!
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/31/2018
I smell mostly the wood and a bit of iris. This is not an iris heavy scent, which I was hoping for. Actually, I found it a bit lacking, like it needed a bit of oomph. Luckily I am able to layer it with VC&A Bois D'Iris and it works wonderfully. The additional sweetness from the latter balances the whole scent impression out. What I found lacking in BD'I, I have found in Une Amourette and vice versa. Luckily, this blind buy worked out.
By   - Nail Tech from Canada on 11/23/2018
Ugh. I had to scrub this off within 20 minutes. I realize ELdO is known for more pronounced scents, so I didn’t expect subtlety. Somehow this turned into a mothball smell the minute it hit my wrist. Gave it time to settle down and it never did, just more mothballs. I couldn’t take it anymore. Not certain which element of it set off mothballs on me. Either way, smelling like an old closet isn’t becoming on anyone!
By   - Analyst from TN on 10/7/2018
A lush iris drapery over an intricately carved incense salver. This gorgeous thing puts me in mind of UNUM’s LAVS, not because the notes line up quite the same (this composition is much too chilly for the likes of cardamom and black pepper) but because they both seem to define a consecrated but enveloping space. If (like me) you worship orris, this is one sanctuary you’ll want to explore.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/29/2017
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