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Exit the King

Eau de Parfum


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Love this one. It's exactly what you want to smell like after a shower.
By   - Physician  from Miami on 2/13/2021
Honestly, I am not sure this is a four star scent but it continues to intrigue me; it is quite the changeling. Sometimes it reminds me of a cheap 'Axe-type' scent which is repelling to me but then another facet will waft toward my reluctant nostrils and I'm reminded of some of my backpacking trips while deep in the treeline. Every now and then it seems like it leans quite feminine then all of the sudden I'm sure it is only truly suitable for a man. Luckyscent's description about it smelling familiar resonates with me yet it isn't quite like anything I've ever smelled before. If I were to describe it in the most simple terms it would be: clean, green, earthy and somewhat floral. I definitely think it is worth a sniff.
By   - Data Management from San Diego on 2/5/2021
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