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Remarkable People

Eau de Parfum

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This smells just like Orange Fanta, hits all the right olfactory pleasure receptors. fun to wear.
By   - not employed from brooklyn on 7/10/2021
A fizzy citrusy opening that moves quickly -- none dare say “lurches” -- into an almost indolic moment (curse you, jasmine!) before righting itself and steering toward a rather honey-spiced skin scent. I liked where it eventually lands, with echoes of the initial grapefruit / champagne fanfare peeking through like tan lines, but I’d apply this one a few minutes *before* interacting with the public.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/1/2021
carbonated citrus-soaked wood shavings. the fizzy top is quite delicious and fresh. i dislike the pencil wood shaving smell that becomes apparently quickly. however in fairness the mixture is pleasant in the sillage. safe for elevators.
By   - barber from chicago on 7/22/2020
This is a sparkling, light and close scent. It is fitting for a warm breezy day.The grapefruit and champagne notes are just lovely and bright when it opens. It settles close to your skin and becomes warmer and cozy. This lasted on my skin for only a couple of hours before needing to reapply. With better longevity it would have been 4 stars easily!
By   - Probation officer  from Iowa City on 5/9/2020
Such a lovely description from luckyscentc for this fragrance. Tried a sample and instead of remarkable I would say it is anything but. It is common and better suited to a man, particularly after the dry down. So glad I only bought a sample.
By   - Retired from Saint George on 8/22/2018
OK, I'll go first! When this hit my skin, all I could think of was the orange lollipops that your pediatrician would give you if you were a good kid during your visit. VERY sweet and candy-like. This lasted about 20 minutes, and then... nothing. For a while, I thought the fragrance had simply vanished. But then it warmed up into a very sophisticated spin on a traditional cologne, the orange (NOT grapefruit on me) balanced nicely by the cardamom and a gentle touch of sandalwood. Citrus stays slightly sweet, never bitter. Summery, pleasant, and not at all confrontational for an ELdO blend. Absolutely unisex... would be lovely on a woman. Sillage is subtle, and you'd probably need to refresh after 3 hours or so. ELdO rules.
By   - Project manager and percussionist from Providence, RI on 7/3/2017
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