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I sure do. An autumn gourmand that dodges the usual vanilla in favor of the likewise woody and mouth-filling aspects of pumpkin, that’s right pumpkin. The orange zest brightens and lifts the first notes until you’ve wrapped your head around what’s happening here, and then the entire enterprise modulates into a powdery-sweet but not at all cloying drydown, suffused with fresh marine air and greenery and just a bit of rose (not white, might be yellow). Throw your femme-masc preconceptions into the trash and get on this fragrance’s level.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/28/2021
It's a bit spicy but not a strong spice, then some sweetness develops. A bit of a candy pumpkin scent. If you like pumpkin spice (even if you're low key about it) you'll probably like this.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/1/2020
Love this stuff, I’m glad the scent worked on me!
By   - Artist from Singapore on 9/20/2019
This is an amazing fragrance. When I first got it, I thought it to be a like a favorite fruit, but then the dry down. One of my friends said How does it smell. I put out my wrist and said "like This" a great name and a great fragrance. Try it, you will love it! Cheers!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 2/1/2017
I so did NOT expect to like this. The notes made no sense to me. At all. I am eating crow. It's lovely!!! This is going on my full-size list. On me it's an all-appropriate subdued floral. Mind you, I'm a leather person. These flowers are just a touch naughty. Though a very solid standalone, I think it would lend itself to seamless layering with other scents if that's your thing (I seldom do).
By   - Sabbatical from New York on 9/22/2016
I tried a sample of this. At first I had trouble figuring out whether I liked it--the scent is so changeable on me, so deep, so layered. My go to has always been Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, and Like This isn't like that. But after I ran out of the sample, liking it more and more each time I wore it, I found that I actually missed it, wanted it, needed to have it, to wear it whenever I want. So I ordered a bottle...Like This is the real thing, the one I want to wrap myself in when I come home. (Don't worry, Ambre Sultan, I still love you, too.)
By   - writer from DC on 6/8/2015
green sap, smoke, ash temper the round soft florals and sharp ginger. finally, a green i can wear without going sour or developing that acrid note. trace of something airy or minty. considering the negative reviews, this elegant skin scent is a wonderful surprise.
By  on 5/18/2015
Oh what a shame! I love Tilda Swinton and I really wanted to like this. The other reviewer nailed it - Yankee Candle 100%. I don't find this to be well-blended at all. Even if I can't wear a scent, I like to appreciate it. This one smells supremely unnatural, chemical laden, sticky, too sweet yet bitter at the same time. Also? Boring. This next statement is really a bit of overkill because I'm not *so* offended by it, but a good description would be city trash on a hot day. That sort of sickly sweet decomposing organic smell. A rotting fruit on the counter combined with cheap cherry lip balm. ..... heading to wash it off posthaste!
By   - from Savannah, GA on 7/9/2013
Butterscotch and teak. Warm and comforting. Reminds me of a Yankee candle, in a good way. Smells nice, but not something I would like to wear.
By   - Assistant from Queens on 4/22/2013
Candied ginger in syrup, kept from being too sweet by a nicely balanced, dry note of immortelle, & some sandalwood & vetiver in the base. This comforting fragrance perfectly matches the flavours & hues of autumn, & is also rather Christmassy. lt reminds me of Lush's Ginger with the volume turned down.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
I really liked this, from its bright, minty/citric opening, through its yummy, sugary middle, down to its warm, powdery base. This is very unusual; I've really never smelled anything like it. I experience it as a kind of floral/gourmand, bright and warm simultaneously.
By   - College Counselor from Chattanooga on 11/13/2012
Whoa! I'm in love. I was not expecting this much love. I am a gourmand fan. It's comfort and familiar to me. I think I'll wear it more at the office and on the weekend. I would like something a little stronger for the evening. I'm purchasing a bottle.
By   - Legal Assistant from Midwest on 10/16/2012
Yes! This is is just right - and just as promised. Perfect for me who has scandinavian fair skin and is blond. Crisp, fresh but also has those deep notes that makes it seductive and interesting. It is actually just like Tilda Swinton! I will wear it for daytime.
By   - lawyer from Oslo on 10/11/2012
This fragrance is boggling my mind, I can't actually figure out what I'm smelling. I sort of smelled on the initial application a "snowy" scent, fresh, crisp, then a little citrus, and the ginger lingered for a mere moment and now after about 5 minutes it's very strongly floral with musk. Not terrible, but I'm not in love either. I love Tilda Swinton and wanted to love this, but alas.
By  on 8/13/2012
Oh, I wanted to like this so badly but - yuck. Reminds me of something old and musty.
By   - from New Orleans, LA on 2/25/2012
I see Like This as being gourmand only when you analyze and break down its ingredients one by one, but if you take a step back and experience it as a whole it's an overwhelmingly human scent. It evokes memories of old crushes. And despite Tilda Swinton's gender bending qualities, I find this to be a very feminine scent, to be worn by someone very sweet. I'd buy this for myself just to sniff, but I'd fall head over heels if I smelled it on someone else.
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/30/2011
I was tempted to sample Like This, because other people thought it had gourmand notes. Alas, not on me. For me it's a kind-of-nice Rose scent with an awfully yucky undertow that I can't quite define. Is it sweaty leather on old gym furniture? A green note, similar to the plant-like overtone in Gordon's Dry Gin? Greased metal?
By   - designer from NL on 10/21/2011
This is very foodie, especially with the pumpkin note. The initial notes are quite sweet and warming with a bitter undertone - I assume this is the neroli and ginger mixing with the basenotes. The drydown is a subtle mixture of sugar and spice. Reasonable sillage and longevity is a few hours. Very unusual!
By   - from London on 10/18/2011
Makes me think of cashmere sweaters and Autumn leaves crunching under my feet. Reminds me of Origins Ginger Essence spray, buy richer, longer lasting, and more complex.
By   - from Seattle, WA on 10/9/2011
I love Like This for the feeling it evokes. Home indeed. It just settles a part of my yearning, slightly homesick mind back to something familiar... and the indoor/outdoor dimension of the fragrance sustains those not yet arrived to the part of the journey leading back home.
By   - Consultant from San Diego on 9/18/2011
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