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I Am Trash

Eau de Parfum

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A terrific origin story -- upcycled material from other fragrances, cooking overage, and so forth -- but of itself simply an agreeable fruity-floral with notes of rose, apple, honey tangerine, cedar, and a very little sandalwood. Entirely wearable but not, for better or worse, a conversation starter.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/11/2021
I bought a sample purely based on the reviews and the hilarious while also poetic description of this perfume. I loved the concept of up-cycling discarded materials to create a new scent, and because the English interpretation of Les Fleurs du Dechet made my franchophone mind crack up--mort de rire à fond! I was delighted to find my $4 investment haunted me with the sandalwood and apple scents that are subtle yet alluring, at least on my skin. I find this scent is still detectable 30 minutes after application, and find myself quite enjoying the aroma lingering about. Full size purchase is a fait accompli.
By   - Shameless Hedonist from sacramento on 12/7/2020
Nice orangey thing going! Well balanced, it didn't do any magic on my skin but it's a nice warm-weather scent.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Yummy, a little sweet, but too light. A good crowd-pleaser so if you want a hilarious gift for someone they'll probably actually like the way it smells.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/28/2020
I'm not usually a lover of fruity scents, but smells balanced and is quite fun. It's a great everyday scent that I wear to work often. I'm giving 4 instead of 5 stars because the scent doesn't last very long. Nonetheless, I like it enough that I'll buy another bottle.
By   - Marketing from San Francisco CA on 11/7/2019
I got a sample of this in an Ipsy bag that I subscribed. This is awesome. You can smell each note. This is on my wish list as I am obsessed with perfume so I need to finish what I have. If you love a sweet scent with woodsy undertones check this out. Get the sample at least you won’t be disappointed!
By   - Real estate  from Peabody on 7/15/2019
I'm so surprised by how warm, feminine and classic this smells. I'm not usually a fruity fan, but this is as lovable as a glass of rosé on a sunny summer patio with a dear friend. Juicy fruits welcome you in, apple, orange and strawberry, nothing brash or sharp. Soft woods invite you to stay as long as you like., considerate and kind. I feel very well-hosted.
By   - designer from Western MA on 6/20/2019
This is bright, beautiful and quite sweet. It is the opposite of cloying as it feels refreshing and light. But it still has a really solid backbone thanks to atlas cedar, akigalawood and sandalore. Almost a looming velvety quality emerges out after some time. Initially it is a blast of zesty and happy fruits, then grounded with iso e super and woods. The lemongrass is a beautiful addition to this fragrance because it keeps the fruits feeling quite fresh as opposed to pulpy and overly sweet. A completely pleasant scent for a hot day or a summer evening.
By   - Gatherer from Lemon City on 2/15/2019
I don't give this bad rating because I hate it. I just can't detect it much at all. Unlike actual trash... this one goes under the radar, for me at least. If I'm going to buy something I definitely want to know it's there on my skin.
By   - writer from Chicago on 2/2/2019
A bright, airy, always transparent mixed-fruit scent, with no one fruit note predominating... A tart note of blackcurrant or passionfruit (and ghost of pineapple, perhaps?) makes the fragrance lean tropical, like an effervescent cocktail or raspa--shave ice--snowcone tartness. A delicious, never sugar-sweet, transparent, unisex "second skin" perfume. Ideal for warm weather. I love ELd'O !
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 11/8/2018
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