Secretions Magnifiques

Eau de Parfum

by Etat Libre d'Orange

Secretions Magnifiques Sizes Available:
50ml $90
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Secretions Magnifiques...
I love this. I really don''t get how people find this gross. I really think people are basing their review on the described notes rather than the actual smell. It''s definitely has a raunchiness to it, but in the best way possible. I could randomly grab perfumes out of my collection and find several that smell much less safe that haven''t received the criticism this one has. Perfume shouldn''t be safe, it should be dangerous and sexual. If you want to smell good for your church or at the grocery store in the suburbs, this isn''t for you. If you''re looking to give head at the club, then try Secretions.
By   - Nose from Seattle on 5/27/2018
This has become my comfort scent.. it smells like privacy? It''s so taboo to smell unwashed, with this perfume you can have your shower but smell your wrist in the middle of your busy shift and it takes you back to when you were lying in bed free bleeding and watching adult content. It pairs great with a very crisp clean appearance, otherwise people will think the scent is your own.
By   - Sales from Philly on 1/8/2018
Extremely vile. Cold and painful sex with a bloodied corpse. I had to put it in the quarantine zone. Worth trying!
By   - Fashion Designer from Montreal on 6/7/2017
IMHO, this is the vilest, most repellent scent imaginable - brings to mind an ejaculating, bloody corpse. Creative and unique, yes, hence the two stars. But I think the world would have been a better place without it.
By   - Attorney from New York on 4/9/2017
I was expecting something horrible and just intolerable, but it really more slightly off putting. Anything with a ''milk'' note tends to like old yogurt, curdled milk awful and this is no exception. It opens with a heavy ripe fruit and sweet cream in a landfill kind of smell, then transitions into a dead ringer for the metallic smell of a raw pig''s heart plus a little coconut. It stays like that for a bit. Nauseating but also intoxicating. It settles into a little of that and a fishy aquatic.
By   - Student from Seattle on 5/2/2016
This one really does live up to its reputation -- ENORMOUS blood-rust-metallic accord up top running interference between you and a delicious floral-milky situation at the heart of things. You''ll (eventually) climb off the rollercoaster laughing from sheer exhilaration andor terror. But will you brave this particular amusement park again? One can definitely respect the engineering without wanting to repeat the experience -- but everyone should buy a ticket at least once. Epic weirdness.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/15/2015
On me, the opening note smells like the detergent that comes out of a bottle for blowing bubbles. This is followed closely by wet dog. In five minutes nothing changes, and I have to scrub it off. It repulses me. I have tried this twice, and this was the result each time. I have no idea what the heart or base might smell like. I don''t want to know.
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 7/31/2015
I tried with this one, really I did. I had smelled a bottle of it in Amsterdam and had wondered what all the fuss was about. Smelled fine to me. Even my husband thought it was pleasant! Then I got it and-wow. No scent has ever been this repulsive to me. It''s wet dog, it''s blood and gore, it''s cold water on hot metal. I cannot wear this at all.
By   - the Midwest on 5/21/2015
I sampled this at their store in Paris and had trouble with the harsh metallic note that seemed to sit directly on the roof of my mouth and then stay there for the next half hour. My boyfriend was excited by it because his nose seemed able to sort the different notes out and make sense of them as "a harsh but harmless funk" that would sit well with his own body odor. I am ultimately disappointed because I actually love certain hard to describe smells of a sexual nature. But this perfume is more like an artist''s rendering of sex in metal and found objects and it''s ultimately void of the organic material laden with tiny bacteria that actually produce the unique odors of a living human body. The nice man at the ELDO store told us that this was intended to be a concept fragrance, but it does have it''s own loyal group of die-hard fans. I have to wonder how much the power of suggestion plays into some people buying bottle after bottle of this one.
By   - Designer from New york on 4/29/2015
Wow. Given all of the hysteria over this fragrance, I was mightily disappointed with my trial. I was not angry, or offended, or nauseated in the least. I am well familiar with the aroma of blood, and of semen, and of sweat and breast milk and vaginas... and I really detected little of these things here (certainly not in the punched-in-the-nose way that I was expecting given other reviews). I clearly smell the iris and coconut, and these inclined me to think that this is more of a feminine fragrance than unisex. There is also a pronounced salty note, and something vaguely metallic that made my think of nothing so much as a hospital gurney that had been deodorized with some sort of disinfectant. Secretions Magnifiques is, to my nose, not an appealing fragrance... there''s definitely something deliberately unpleasant about it, so to that extent, the noses at ELdO have succeeded in making me unhappy. I wouldn''t wear this, and I wouldn''t want anyone I hang around to wear this, but not because it''s confrontational in its evocation of sex and birth and death. No, I dislike it because it smells off somehow. I don''t mind "edgy" fragrances (among my regulars are ELdO''s Fat Electrician and EdI''s Sienne l''Hiver, which are both charming oddballs)... but I will go for "edgy-pleasant" while eschewing "edgy-ugly." Secretions Magnifiques would fail as a new Lysol flavor... it fails stunningly as a fragrance to put on humans. I''m giving it two stars instead of one, because I admire ELdO''s courage in their willingness to try to market something that simply smells badly.
By   - from Providence on 10/23/2014
Hardly vomit-inducing. Possesses a subtle sweetness from well-blended milk, coconut, and ripe-melon calone notes. Vaguely aquatic, with perhaps the faintest suggestion of fresh-caught fish. Could almost pass for a dryer sheet if it weren''t for a short-lived, photorealistic rust metal note that appears before the drydown. Not exactly sexy unless you find run-down laundromats arousing.Interesting and not altogether unpleasant, but I''m left scratching my head as to when or where this should be worn.
By   - Art Director from Toronto on 9/10/2014
I first tried this scent several years ago and absolutely hated it. I wanted to love it. I wanted to love it so bad but there was a saltiness that I just couldn''t get past. Flash forward 3 years and I get a sample with the Santal No. 33 I ordered. I decide to give it another try and find it, or I, have been reborn. I don''t know whether my chemistry changed or my nose has evolved but I absolutely adore this scent. It can still be a little..erm.."salty" right after application but within minutes it turns into a milky, slightly powdery, "I had sex right before I left my house" smell. My favorite way to wear it is to layer it with other perfumes. It brings this delicious edge to anything you put it with making spicy orientals down-right "Eyes Wide Shut" obscene and subverting the most saccharine scent into a school girl (of legal age!) with LaPerla under her uniform. You owe it to yourself to at least try a sample because, in those rare cases where it works, it really REALLY works.
By   - Flight Attendant from Las Vegas on 8/26/2014
Smelling it and disconnecting myself to what it''s "supposed" to smell like helped me appreciate this scent so much more than I thought I ever would. It''s bodily, yes, but its also extremely sexy and edgy. It''s milky, but it doesn''t go straight to my stomach as most people say. It''s also sweet and marine fresh with coconut and a touch of iris. AMAZING AND LIVES UP TO HYPE.
By   - Student from Chicago on 4/30/2014
This is one sexy beast of a fragrance! Carnality canned.Not to like this seems unnatural. To despise it simply implies that sex is probably not your strong suit. Some people are better at other quilting.
By  on 4/22/2014
This stuff is beyond horrific smelling. One to avoid at all costs.
By  on 10/2/2013
Secretions Magnifiques!...I had SO much fun for 2-3 days reading the hilarious reviews of this fragrance! Of course I HAD to give it a try. Imagine my surprise this fragrance sets up beautifully on me!I love the complexity of the composition, and that I can follow it... The opening is a bit challenging I find it exhiliarating. I actually like the metallic "rush" of the opening notes. Then it just becomes more beautiful: creamy, powdery, fresh oceanic hint of iris soft musky like dried rose petals sandalwood. So soft and interesting! I''m addicted to it now, and had to order a full bottle! And I have had nothing but positive responses from others.Of course you are not going to drench yourself in a scent like this a little goes a long way!Other "favorites" of mine are: Gres Cabochard, Niki de Saint Phalle, Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Jacomo Silences, Lancome Magie Noir, Chanel 19, Estee Lauder Azuree. You wouldn''t drench yourself in any of these, either, but a little is amazing. On the lighter side I like Annik Goutal Eau d''Hadrien and M. Asam No. 1. So maybe if any of these set up well on you, Secretions Magnifiques is worth a try. It''s my new favorite!
By   - Engineer from San Diego on 8/5/2013
nauseating, disgusting! put some on my wrist and felt sick. could not wash it off, the scent stayed w me all day. Can''t even describe the scent. Just HORRID
By  on 2/6/2013
This reminds me of my days of working at the local public health hospital where I was tasked with the dubious honor of assisting those who were homeless and in need of medical care. The stench of this thing they call a perfume is just like the whiff i would get when my patients would peel off their pants. Smegma, body odor and yeast. That''s is what it smells like. I warn all those who come into the unfortunate situation where they could possibly force their nose into a sample....RUN away! The scent (stink) will stay with you forever and you will rue the day... Great as a practical joke or if you want to ruin someone''s day.
By   - from The 305 on 10/11/2012
my nose wouldn''t even let me taken in a full''s that upsetting to my olfactory senses. Of course once I read the reviews I felt compelled to smell the various bodily secretions in it - and smell them I did. Not offensive in an old-lady too perfumey kind of''s just plain not right at all. Had to go to Sephora about an hour after application and douse myself with an (gasp) over-the-counter fragrance favored by the masses. So wrong on so many levels.
By   - Accountant from central NY on 6/30/2012
I was prepared to be shocked by this, hoping to have a strong reaction - good or bad. But honestly, it''s not that interesting. It is a nice citrusy floral with a prominent, weird, salty metallic note, that sort of lingers for a moment in the nose after a deeply inhaled sniff. No blood, no gore, no semen, no sweat. Ho-hum.
By   - domestic goddess from plymouth, mn on 3/10/2012
This is surely a lke-it-or-love-it scent. I am not a prude with the irreverent promotion of this scent and I think any fragrance lover worth his salt needs to try this at some point. I was disappointed. I could not get over the sharp metallic notes. I wanted to enjoy this avant-garde scent but in the end, after a good effort to do so, I could not. I much prefer the Jasmin et Cigarette, Putain des Palaces, and Delicious Closet Queen.
By   - - from - on 2/1/2012
Definitely an acquired taste. The metallic note was terrible on my skin and left me gagging.
By   - from London on 11/1/2011
The metallic blood note hit my subconscious directly, making me want to run away screaming. I actually did a second sniff, just to be sure. Yep - terror in a bottle. I''d spill it on someone I hate, to give them nightmares for years to come. Applause to Etat Libre D''Orange for mastery in shock and awe.
By   - Researcher from Bloomington on 9/12/2011
This scent made me nauseated. I cant truly figure out why. All I can think is because I was thinking of semen. Dont ask, Ive got no idea why, but I know this, its gag-worthy in my book. Im only giving it 2 stars cos I gotta give a bit of a thumbs up that it actually made me wanna puke. LOL
By   - from bellevue, ne on 8/20/2011
This scent made me nauseated. I cant truly figure out why. All I can think is because I was thinking of semen. Dont ask, Ive got no idea why, but I know this, its gag-worthy in my book. Im only giving it 2 stars cos I gotta give a bit of a thumbs up that it actually made me wanna puke. LOL
By   - from bellevue, ne on 8/20/2011
I scrubbed this within 3 minutes. It''s still lingering. I used soap. Than orange scented waching up liquid. Then more soap. It''s still there. I''ve had to smother it with Geisha Nobara-cha. It must be a chemisty thing the opened sample smells vaguely metallic, maybe floral. But interesting. Then when applied to wrist, it turns into a sick, cold, metallic smell. Like being trapped in an abandoned dentist''s in the middle of a power cut.The after a few minutes it changes into a low-tide funk, a nauseous mix of brine and mud, with an oppressive stink of metal.At best, on me, this perfume brings to mind standing on a muddy pier at low tide, in heavy rain.At worst... it''s the ending scene from Eraser Head in a bottle. It actually made me feel a knot in my stomach with every inhale.
By   - from Suffolk, UK on 6/21/2011
All the hype surrounding this fragrance made me want to try it. By the way people described it, it was supposedly a horror story in a bottle. I finally got my sample today bottle today (only took two days to get here). I placed it on my arm held my breath and hoped for the best...It smelled amazing. It just smelled like florals with a slight metallic edge to it. Nothing bad. I really absolutely love it.
By   - Student from Phoenix on 5/26/2011
Wow. Was not expecting to have such a visceral reaction to this perfume ... as in, gagging and having to wash it off with detergent and mask the smell with lemon cologne! I felt like an idiot for being so dramatic but there is just something in that initial burst of top-notes that sends my stomach into knots. Etat weren''t messing around when they made this - to me, it really does smell like that slightly muskyfluid-secretion odor that is unique to, uh, the bedroom. I wanted to love this, but can''t seem to get over the initial shock (despite trying it again and getting my unsuspecting housemate to sniff my wrist). Maybe I just need to suck it up and let it dry down to get the full effect, whilst remaining indoors - my housemate sniffed it, recoiled and said ''Sure, wear it in public - if you want to smell like a pervy toilet''.
By   - Teacher from Melbourne on 5/17/2011
People were afraid of computers too, when they were new...what if someone gets your CREDIT CARD NUMBER?? Relax, folks, and enjoy this terrific, novel idea. Nabokov and Schoenberg aren''t for everyone either, but we don''t BAN them (anymore). There''s nothing in this stuff nearly as offensive as Angel, Alien, or (for god''s sake) D&G Light Blue! Cheer up: this smells really interesting, and you lose the "challenging" notes in the drydown, which is pure elegance. Unclench, take a deep, cleansing breath, and embrace this. Full bottle and love it.
By   - forest biologist from Athens, GA on 5/5/2011
I was hoping I was one of the lucky ones for whom this fragrance would smell wonderful. Alas, it was not meant to be. On me, the blood accord is what stuck out. Not the smell of dead fish or animals, but the smell of human tissue against knife when your dentist makes that first incision on your gum during oral surgery. It is horrifying and nauseating, yet at the same time VERY arousing (how could that be?). Do you feel that adrenaline too? It is a brilliant and admirable concept, which sadly does not react with my chemistry to make way for a happy ending. Nothing that I have dabbed or sprayed on my skin has caused such a visceral reaction. For the artistry, I give this 4 stars
By  on 3/8/2011
I put this on a couple of hours ago, and spent most of that time trying to figure out what it reminds me of. I finally figured it out - I used to be an EMT, and this reminds me of a visit to an elderly woman''s home where she complained of pain "down there". This perfume smells very similar to her infection. I have smelled worse odors, but I cannot recommend this as a perfume.
By  on 2/18/2011
after reading hype about this fragrance, among others in the etat libre d''orange line, i ordered the deluxe coffret. like the previous reviewer, i was insanely excited to get this on my skin. the first sniff from the bottle wasn''t really startling at all it smelled unique, but not at all horrific or grotesque. once on my flesh, it evolved in an utterly magnificent way. i can only describe it as bizarrely comforting. i can smell something that reminds me simultaneously of my mother, and, oddly, beautiful male skin. i know it sounds dramatic or sentimental, but it almost makes me want to cry. it''s insanely pretty. as a man, i do find it feminine, but in an absolutely beautiful and utterly wearable way on my skin. a lover of bizarre fragrances, this is like gold to me. i honestly think i''ve found my holy grail.
By   - artist/novice perfumer from portland, or on 2/11/2011
Well, here''s your chance to smell like Satan''s own monekyrag. I got the deluxe cofferet because I couldn''t make up my mind. I opened this one with some trepidation after reading the reviews. At first smell, it wasn''t bad, kinda flowery and spicy. I put it on and OH MY DEAR GOD AND THE BABY JESUS GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!! It smelled like a funeral home with no ventilation and a cooler on the fritz. An S&M sex club after hours when the janitor cleans up. Dead things. It made me so nauseous I had to use dish soap and the pot scrubber to kill it. It''s still lingering. I might have bad dreams tonight because of this perfume.This should be called L''Eau d''Raunch.
By   - HBIC from Austin on 2/1/2011
Brilliant scent. I wish I had the first bottle I saw, before the packaging was changed, but the scent is the same--weird, mysterious, wrong and a complete addiction. I spray it on at night for sweet dreams.
By   - Man about town, of course from Chicago on 1/7/2011
I love this...I dislike the metal, but the iris is just lovely. At first the iris smells a bit like dog drool, but it drys down to a solid dry iris note. The coconut really sweetens and smoothing things out. It gives this fragrance a note of breast milk. It is pungent, but not revolting. A little plastic-y... but it has a vanilla note just at the beginning. I like it a lot. The mid to dry down is what really makes this perfume for me... it has this primal quality about it that I love... honestly it makes my mouth water. I think this is one of those perfumes that takes a certain type of person to understand and appreciate. Its not for everyone.
By   - Spiritual Consultant from Aspen on 12/21/2010
The sample came to me in a little plastic baggie. Out of the bag, it smells like... a vampire. A vampire, freshly fed and lying in her coffin. Cold flowers, blood, and sharp metal, with something sinister lurking underneath. It''s not a PLEASANT smell by any means, but there''s something alluring (well, to my dark and twisted mind anyway) about the unsettling and evocative mix of flowers and blood. There''s a lot of stuff being advertised as Gothic scents, but this one is the real deal. (5 stars for that.) PUTTING IT ON IS A DIFFERENT MATTER. Upon touching skin, this potion "blossoms" into a sharp, pungent scent of metal and blood and dried sweat. The vampire has turned into a zombie! It doesn''t smell warm or sexy at all -- there''s something clinical and very cold about this smell that makes you want to gag. The flowers mostly disappear, and what tiny whiffs of it just adds to the wretchedness of this brew. (So, 0 stars for that...) The bottle advertises a cartoon penis, but the juice inside is seriously disturbing, and reminds me of death. If this smelled like it did in the bag the whole way through, I would have liked it, and probably worn it for Halloween. But it just had to take that one extra step. One thing is for sure -- you won''t forget this smell.
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/7/2010
Very Interesting! Love the MetallicBlood Notes!
By   - from NJ on 11/22/2010
I was actually scared of this perfume when I ordered it. This is obviously a love-it-or-hate-it scent and I have to say I LOVE it! I don''t smell any bloodmetalsemen etc. To me, it smells of clean laundry, clean skin, and sometimes a strange stertile medical plaster smell (which I quite like), all with a kind of musky sweetness. Treat yourself to a $3 sample... you''ll never know what you''ll find here!
By  on 9/20/2010
i couldn''t resist ordering the free sample after reading the intriguing list of essences in this perfume. i enjoy being a freak, and this sure inticed my curiosity! When my sample arrived, i wanted to save it for a very special occassion to test it''s performance. my husband and i went to an adult party, and i tried it there. i carefuly eased open the cap and touched the wand to my wrist. i waited a moment and then smelled the area. it smelled sweet. i rubbed some more on the other pulse points of my body, then returned to the party. my husband noticed the sweet scent almost immediately, and let''s just say,, i was one very satisfied and enjoyably ravished freak! to put it in simple terms,, i LOVE this scent!
By   - from Waco on 9/7/2010
As a lifelong aficionado of the grotesque and the obliquely weird, I was compelled to order a sample of SM. Thrilled with the anticipation, I gently eased the plastic stopper out of the vial and waved it for a few seconds to dry the alcohol. Gingerly, palms actually sweaty, I lifted the thin wand to my nostrils…and shuddered. OMFG, *NO*. I can''t put my finger on why this scent is so horrifying, but horrifying it is. I don''t get a hint of sex whatsoever - more like a medicinalmedical horrorshow. There''s a sickening sweetness (ether?) that sends me reeling there''s a round, wet, frightening metallic note that makes me gag. SM is a slap between the eyes. This is the fragrance of nightmares I''m sure it could reduce me to panicked tears if I sniffed it too long. Someone should send Clive Barker a sample of SM, for f*ck''s sake - I bet he''d adore it. Still, I *do* feel like a bit of a pioneer for having had the cojones to even sample this stuff (it''ll never get anywhere near my flesh, as I couldn''t bear it)…
By   - ponderer from Avon, CT on 7/2/2010
I bought the sample out of curiosity. It is not at all like any perfume you''ll ever smell. When you first put it on, it smells like J''Dore by Dior. These top notes quickly fade and you''re left with the deeper notes, which is a very organic smell. I have decided that it is the deep, musky, bittersweet scent of decomposing leaves. Not a bad smell. Just a very distinctive smell. And not at all like dead animal. Dead plants maybe, but not dead animal. However, I could see how some people referred to it as smelling like "sweaty sex." It has that bittersweet smell of sex with someone in which both of you could''ve used a shower beforehand. It smells like natural body odors before they reach the stinky BO stage. You know what I mean. When you could stand to shower, but it hasn''t reached the offensive stage yet. There''s a sweetness to it. Although I do not like this perfume for myself, my husband says he loves it. He says it smells interesting and sexy.
By   - from Nashville, TN on 6/30/2010
I bought the sample thinking I was strong enough to get past the hype on this one, how could it possibly be as bad as "dead dog"? However, this pushed even my level of scent-progressivism to me it is the olfactory equivalent of getting molested at the dentists. I get tooth decay and blood, and something very sweet that made have to hold the bathroom sink and wretch.underneath all of this is something actually pretty, but i was too Scared of the sample to sniff it again. I threw it away, and then threw the tiny bathroom trash can away. This perfume is I give it two out of five gets one for being made of evil
By  on 6/4/2010
To be quite frank this perfume smells like Portabella mushrooms soaked in milk water and let to rot... it literally turned my stomach! Thank god I only purchased the sample....
By   - student from St. Louis on 1/24/2010
Feels like orgasm on a first date, when you want somebody so much and you are nervous and you do not want to ruin a good impression and you feel your heartbeat. Sweatspermbloodpowderclean skinsoapmilk.
By   - video artist on 10/6/2009
I so wanted to love this fragrance in fact I ordered it from the french web site in FRENCH when no one here had heard of it yet. But the minute I put it on, I immediately became incredibly nauseus...and no matter what I did, I couldn''t get rid of the smell. It killed me to have to throw the whole thing out, but I couldn''t imagine giving it to anyone else and risking the possibility that they''d have the same reaction. So for those of you who may have certain sensitivities, try the sample first.
By   - n/a from Boston MA on 9/24/2009
Thanks to Luckyscent for their samples! I wouldn''t have bought this one, but wanted to try it because Turin & Sanchez called it "nautical floral," which sounded like roses on Cape Cod. My main objection is to the junior-high-locker-room graffiti packaging. This, from the nation that produced Proust and Colette? Seriously, with that silly packaging one feels led by the nose. It''s tainted my perception of the fragrance.
By  on 9/24/2009
The very first minute or two, it smelled like a bedroom after sweaty sex, but then it quickly turned to a strong marine-like, swimming pool smell, and stayed there, strongly. I was hoping for something more complex and shocking.
By   - from Las Vegas on 9/23/2009
I wore SM today after giving it a rest for several months. And it''s official: I ADORE THIS FRAGRANCE.There is something madly addicting to it which I crave. To say it is "stylish" is the understatement of the year. Another bottle is in the offing for me, pronto. (Even though two people who sniffed my hand today told me it smelled like----in their words--- "pee" and "butt".) Oh well. I crave it!
By   - graphic artist from boerne, texas, usa on 9/16/2009
Allright. After some trials there comes a common admittance, namely fragrances either stay long or shortly, they are foul or sublime, so, what do you do about your skin-. There is not the mellon I mentioned, let alone its alliteration, something new demands a readmittance of what upsets us. That said, for me, algae sweetened by iodine, restricted by coconut, denominated by milky sandal heightened by iris, comes as close to the secretions magnifiques experience. Well, I just wish it lasted longer. It is a complex and redifining fragrance - please be open to it!
By   - translator from Athens on 9/9/2009
I thought some of the (negative) reviews far-fetched - that said, the perfume is far-fetched!Perhaps, on the dry-down, some notes fail to distinguish themselves, as if there are a lot of elements mixed in order for this to work, but perhaps it is due to my skin reaction. On its first attack, the perfume provokes some - kind of- anxiety the adrenaline turns on (pun intended)!It''s my first try I have to say and not in public yet. But it is pungent like the alliteration of metallic melon-
By   - translator from Athens on 9/4/2009
GOOD GOD! This smells like a dead wet dog, freshly run over, on a polluted beach at low tide. I''m serious. I love it for my own perverse, punk rock type reasons but I haven''t found the right place to wear it yet. Maybe the high school reunion.
By   - Chef from Boston on 7/23/2009
I like skank. Believe me. But this turned my stomach. It was everything I could do to not scrub it. Once it did dry down, two words came to mind: Crack ''ho. This whole line should be called Study in Skank. Divin Enfant: Hooker with the Heart of Gold Skank Vierges et Torerros: Gym Rat SkankEncens & Bubblegum: Lolita SkankRien: Greaser Girl SkankCharogne: Truck Stop SkankVrai Blonde: Cancun Spring Break SkankRossy De Palma: Border Town Bar Skank.That said, I give these folks snaps for breaking out of the nicey, nicey box.
By   - Journalist from L.A. on 7/1/2009
It smells like a pervert
By   - from NYC on 6/4/2009
You know, this may sound funny, but I was raised on a Texas farm where we raised dairy cattle... When you milk a cow early in the morning, the first scent you get is warm milk against a zinc pail. An entirely pleasant sensory image... nothing outré about it! Perhaps this is why ELd''O SM didn''t give me a bad impression...
By   - graphic artist from boerne, TX 78006 on 5/25/2009
The first smell I got was literally blood...then it smelled like metal (and a lot). After the scent wears off a little (it''s pretty potent, one spray will do for the entire body), it smells a little like clean phallus for a couple of seconds, and then like David Lincoln said about they dry down of a "pressed linen accord" definitely starts to show.This is a scent for people who are passionate about scent, and who are looking for an experience at the same time.It''s the strangest perfume I''ve encountered so far. So strange that it deserves 5*s just for trying to create something so bizarre.The dry down is kinda nice...
By   - Researcher from San Diego on 5/19/2009
Blood accord?? Are you kidding...simply disgusting-and im not faint of heart with perfumery. No well-made perfume has ever turned my stomach but this one truly made me nauseous.
By  on 5/18/2009
This "perfume" always reminds me of a poem I wrote called "Fear":"Some days I try to catch up with my fantasiesand sleep with people I don''t know.Not sleep, really we''d both be standing,more hurried than a dream,and we''d smell, too.But for a few minutes we''d get a glimpse of the lives we don''t live,lips we could have got used to tasting,skin new to our own.Turns out it felt so goodbecause there was blood in my semen.It burned the next morning, like fear--sparkling, brilliant and red.Because we invite fear,pressing groins against cold slab,reaching for where it is shaved, and very real,knees on terrazzo, gagging for the first time. ''Where?'' he said,''Here,'' I pointed with my face.It smelled different,another scent of bleach.My skin absorbed in the dark--taught, tingling, tender.I carried the void within me, clenching it like a preemie,just another form of love.Sometimes fear is when it happens."(archmemory.blogspot.com200905fear.html)I couldn''t decide whether to give it 5 stars because it is so brilliant and diabolical, or 1 star because it is so revolting and absolutely unwearable. So I decided to split the difference and go with 3... Definitely try before you buy--and be careful when you do this stuff is potent!
By   - poet from Philadelphia on 5/17/2009
Well...the image on the bottle will show you *exactly* what this smells like on me. It''s cool that someone was brave enough to do this, but this is truly hideous and nauseating on me.
By  on 5/15/2009
see other postscrewed up on stars this is not a five-star it''s -10
By   - ret from c on 5/15/2009
First, this smells nothing like its name. It smells a serial killer''s basement, where he has slaughtered a nursing mom, mixing both blood and milk. The knife is in there too. Absolutely revolting. It can''t be worn in public. In fact, during Sniffa in NYC, someone put too much of this on his arm and became nauseous. So did everyone around him. This isn''t a one-star fragrance. It''s a negative 10.
By   - ret from cols on 5/15/2009
"Love it or hate it" is right. On some, this dazzling new fragrance actually has ibnspired disgust. Not on me, though-- I love it. Dare I suggest that some people let the promotional imagery associated with this product (a cartoon of a pink, spurting phallus) color their impression of the fragrance. Yet appreciated independently and impartially, I find SM to be a very pleasant, summery, light unisex fragrance. Notes of milk and metal combine to make a most pleasant "pressed linen" accord. Truly intrepid lovers of perfume will like it very much as their go-to "tous les jours" body scent.
By   - graphic artist from boerne, TX, USA on 5/14/2009
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