Etat Libre d'Orange


Eau de Parfum

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Both intensely woody (cedar, frankincense, patchouli) and unapologetically synthetic, this beauty uses pepper and -- this’ll be a surprise if you read the official description -- an assertive, oily orange-zest note to tell its story. Somehow both more traditional and far weirder than most of my shelf, and extraordinarily wearable in any case.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/14/2021
"HERMANN A MES COTES ME PARAISSAIT UNE OMBRE" has easily become one of my absolute favorite fragrances, EVER! Whenever I wear it, I just feel fantastic about myself. It's that feeling you have when you're fresh out of the shower and just kick back and watch a show with your feet up, fan on, next to someone you love.
By   - Photographer from Brooklyn, NY on 7/6/2018
Love this one. Opens frankincense/graphite, moves briefly thru something citrusy/turpentine, then settles into (as other reviewer says) peppery wood. Very light, tho – I do wish it were stronger. I don't get any rose whatsoever, or really, anything floral. This is nowhere near as dry, but in some ways it reminds me of Lutens Iris Silver Mist, in that it's just a strange fragrance, not really comparable to anything in nature. To me this is airy and a little metallic, not earthy. Very cool perfume. If only it were stronger!!
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 4/4/2017
On me, this wears as 6-8 hours of moderate projection oddness. Light, but with noticeable presence. Beyond a doubt, there are a LOT of synthetics at work here, but I never get that much Ambroxan. Instead, it opens with an almost petrichor scent of freshly turned black earth. Then, peppered woods. Literally. If peppercorns came from a tree, this is what I imagine its bark would smell like. That pepper/wood stays the entire life, but after an hour or so, the floral petals (never rose or anything distinctive, just a sense of floral buds) becomes a stronger supporting player, adding an odd sweetness that isn't cloying, just a bit strange. As always, individual mileage WILL vary.
By   - human from wichita on 9/8/2016
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