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You Or Someone Like You

Eau de Parfum

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Minty spicy thinker. The sillage seemed a bit intense when I daubed it on. I like it. Fresh with body.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Fresh, minty, fresh. I don't want a FULL full bottle but blissfully I can get a small one!
By   - Business from Boston on 10/28/2020
hmm, disappointed in this knowing it came from chandler burr who often speaks of dirty human notes in perfumes. i expected a bit of male crotch hidden under the minty fresh top. well that didnt happen. it was just fresh and minty and bit fruity. sad but wearable
By   - barber from chicago on 7/14/2020
What a wonderful, sunshiny, breezy, sparkling scent this is. Fresh, cooling, giddy and brilliant. Suggestive of bright citrus, tropical fruit and aromatic, minty vegetation, but no one note sticks out or is too sweet. Airy aldehydes suggest "brand-new" things like new clothes, new shoes, a new hair-do, cellophane wrap and new interiors. Creates a scintillating, electric mood-- the best side of California-- where anything could happen. Modern and exciting. Expertly blended, easily unisex. Astrologically, this scent is ideal for the Air signs-- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
By   - artist from central texas on 12/17/2019
This is the one my wife wants a bottle of. The one that feels like her. It reminds her of smelling her mother's silk scarf. Floral, but abstract, and restrained. Modern. Made her feel confident, made me feel good.
By   - Boring Professional  from D.C. on 3/17/2018
Delightful! I normally go for woodsier fragrances but this one is really fresh and fun without the sweetness some gourmand and floral scents have. Here, the floral note -- rose? I think it must be -- is nicely balanced with the mint, which is not overly sweet or food-like. It's not herbal exactly, but it's definitely clear and dry -- grassy almost. I got decent longevity but little projection, but that's with a sample vial, not a spray. This one might be overwhelming if generously applied. A lovely summer scent. I may buy the travel size. It's unusual but still comforting. Very accessible. I think you could wear it just about anywhere.
By   - bureaucrat from San Francisco on 11/8/2017
Fresh but warm scent. Distinctive mint leaves softened with honey. There is something in it that brings me the memories of late spring-early summer meadows full of dandelions and a blooming mimosa tree growing nearby.
By   - teacher from lexington on 9/2/2017
This is a very, very nice fragrance. I'm not even going to try to identify the notes, but it is a wonderful blend with nothing particularly dominant. There's greenery, and some floral components, and just an overall freshness that may be some mint. It smells nice. I found it a little too feminine for me, but I gave the rest of the sample to a female friend and she nearly lost it... she loved the way that it dried down to a very light musky fragrance while still retaining the greenery. She'll be buying some as soon as it's back in stock. PS - This is ELDO?!?!?!? This has got to be, along with Cologne, the most civilized fragrance in their line. It will make people like you, and offend no one.
By   - Fine smelling project manager from Providence, RI on 6/26/2017
Oh, man, this is one of the prettiest scents I have discovered in a long time. I haven't been to California, so I don't know if it smells like this perfume, but if it does I want to move there! It's light and easy, nice notes of mint and kind of aloe-y, floral but not cloyingly so. It's the kind of scent you want to put on after your post-long-day-in-the-sun shower. I get a lot of compliments on this scent and my boyfriend follows close by whenever I'm wearing it.
By   - F&B Director from Louisville, KY on 6/2/2017
Terrifically light fresh and joyful scent with tones of a Spring Garden. Perhaps it may be "For somebody just like you" - you decide. It is great fun to wear and share!
By   - Business woman and Cake Baker from Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 on 5/16/2017
A cheery mint-and-citrus thing, though that's mint in the whole-plant sense, with the opening including that odd pong that freshly snipped stems have. Long-playing, incredibly wearable, soap-and-sunshine freshness from a house where that's not necessarily the expected effect.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/9/2017
since notes arent listed ill say this perfume reminds me very much of guerlain's herba fresca. both have a really nice tangy green cholorphyll note, somewhat akin to pressing your nail into a blade of grass. however this perfume has a cherry musk like top that gives it a mildly fruity opening along with some non sweetened mint. even after washing my hands the green notes lingered where i applied the sample so i imagine this perfume has pretty good staying power. kinda synthetic at times but no one around you will think that from its sillage. i like this perfume and could see myself gettin a small bottle in the summer. for now though im still hooked on "the weekend" by roads as my summery type frag. once thats finished tho ill prob get this
By   - barber from chicago on 5/5/2017
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