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Fils de Dieu

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C'est le parfum de la bonne humeur, facile à porter et apprécier. It could be a signature scent. C'est un parfum avec une dualité harmonieuse: la note claire des agrumes et plus profonde du riz cuit. La note de riz et de fleur est plus présente en climat chaud et humide. Porté en hiver, une note complémentaire de noix de coco apparaît.
By   - Building from France on 3/3/2020
Deliciously aromatic without triggering a "food!" response with me, Fils de Dieu is the market in the morning of a beautiful day, not the restaurant that evening. Cardamon, shiso leaf, and lime turn out to balance coconut and rice milk beautifully, and though the rose didn't put itself front and center it clearly shaped the move into the soft, elegant drydown. Easy to love, and a pretty, not-scary entrée to Etat Libre d'Orange if that's what you seek.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/12/2017
Careful, friends...this is so heady that you might start to think you actually are the child of some divine being! To be honest, I did not expect to like this so much, as the list of notes did not thrill me. I consider this fragrance proof that any mix of notes can be a delight if executed well. The floral heart with rice and coconut was so creamy, and not too sweet. The leathery base is so smooth. I got good staying power and moderate sillage with a generous application.
By   - Nonprofit Administrator from Saint Paul, MN, USA on 1/8/2016
i love this , dont worry bout anyone thinkin you smell like thai curry. i mean like yes this has qualities one can associate with that but no one who smells this on you will think that. only perfume snobs who already know the note list and backstory will think that. however theres one thing i dislike, somethin in the late drydown smells vaguely of puke. no idea what it is, maybe the castoreum? idk but a few hours in i notice it. wouldnt be surprised if that was intentional, i hate that part tho
By   - barber from Chicago on 12/24/2015
If Thai food were made into a fun, easy to wear, refreshing perfume, this would be the result. It's the most lovely, sweet, juicy, realistic lime with creamy coconut and milky rice, with all of the other notes swirling prettily in the background. One of my favorites. Unique and like having summer in a bottle.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/9/2015
Yes, the lime and coconut are fresh and delicious, but but it doesn't elicit food notes for me. The rice is a faint backdrop for the coriander. I wear a perfume to smell nice and to enjoy it, not to be challenged by charred. And I have to love it from first spray to dry down. And i do.
By   - Artist from Phoenix on 5/9/2013
l agree that this is most definitely foody; it smells exactly like a Thai green curry, complete with lemongrass, coriander, lime leaves & coconut rice. lt's really quite delicious, but l'm not sure l'd want to smell like this all that often. l have to give it a thumbs up though, for being such a cleverly executed & unique fragrance.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
I beg to differ from "the scoop" which states this perfume "never veers into the foody" - rather with the ginger, rice, coriander, coconut, shiso etc. how could it not? It smells like a wonderful side dish from an Asian restaurant. If I am not mistaken ELdO were marketing it under the name "Philippine Houseboy"? and yes, I get the idea that this could also be some kind of suntan lotion smell on young, tanned flesh. I love this one, and I admire this perfume house for its innovative ideas and usually excellent renditions.
By   - retired medical secretary from Victoria, Australia on 1/17/2013
Wondering what the son of god smells like? At the top I get notes of tonka and vanilla bean. Its more like smelling homemade ice cream. The florals in the middle note are astonishingly creamy and well blended. I get jasmine but no rose. The drydown reminds me of the powdery glory that is guerlainade after l'heure bleu. holy grail of scents. That is what sticks to my skin the most and Im in love.
By   - from Toronto on 8/10/2012
The top notes are bright and refreshing, but this settles into a very atypical, creamy sweetness that I find overall boring. This is a very tame, safe entry for ELDO. I much prefer the boldness of Tom of Finland or the uniqueness of Fat Electrician.
By   - painter from portland, or on 7/26/2012
Very interesting and fun to wear. Yes, the rice note is the anchor in this composition, giving the fragrance a mellow, languid feel. I love the fresh lime and sensuous coconut notes in the beginning, giving the fragrance a lovely tropical feel. The spices come out a bit later on, a nice contrast to the bright lime and sweet coconut. Very nicely done, a terrific and unusual addition to the tropical fragrances genre, and I'm always happy to see a fragrance with a prominent rice note in it. I suppose I'm always trying to find a substitute for Tan Giudicelli's Annam!
By   - from NYC on 4/12/2012
You expect ELd'O fragrances to be intrepid... even rather strange... and fans won't be disappointed. Most singular here is the rice note, the fulcrum about which the scent is constructed. It has a mellow, distinct "cereal" note, ever-so-slightly sweetened, uplifted by bright citrus and tonic, highly-pitched transparent floralcy. In time the rice quality fades, leaving behind a woody chypre accord, "clean" and soapy, with santal predominant. FILS DE DIEU is an interesting, inoffensive scent.
By   - graphic artist from boerne, TX, USA on 3/23/2012
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