Archives 69

Eau de Parfum

by Etat Libre d'Orange

Archives 69 Sizes Available:
50ml $90
0.7ml sample $3
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Received a sample of this and decided to spray a little on my wrist and wasn''t sure what to make of it, the dry down is very nice. I was pleasantly surprised. I think I would purchase a bottle of this. It''s nice.
By   - Technician from Dallas on 5/14/2017
The opening is a strange accord of fruit with pepper, but the drydown is a lovely combination of incense & benzoin. ln the base l swear l smell ambergris, although it''s not listed. The overall impression is an interesting hybrid of freshness & warmth. l don''t really do "fruity", but l think this is a very likeable fragrance, especially in the drydown.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
The initial notes are medicinal, reminding me of throat lozenges. The overall effect is warming and sensual.
By   - from London on 10/26/2011
Well, upon initially putting this on, i loved it. i could smell the pepper, which i really adore. now, 2 hours later, it has faded to a musky feminine smell. I dont dislike it, but Ive never been a huge musk fan at the end of the day. But, it goes without saying that this is how it went with me. It could very well be different for someone else.
By   - from bellevue, ne on 8/20/2011
I love it and can''t wait to get a bottle!
By   - healthcare from Dallas on 5/20/2011
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