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Tom of Finland was great when Etat Libre d'Orange released it in 2007. I bought a bottle in 2012 and then again recently. The formulation is not the same. The original formulation lastest longer. I don't recommend it since it smells too feminine. Try it but I'm holding on to what little left I have of the original bottle. I understand standards have changed since. It's a shame because it was a scent that I loved and got many compliments on. This new one is okay. Maybe it will wear better on you than me. Good luck, Luckyscenter!
By   - Software/Hardware Specialit from El Paso, TX on 8/26/2021
I liked this a lot when I first got it - a good introduction to fragrance in my early/mid 20s. I'm in my early 30s now, and it's wayyyyyy too sweet for me. A good young mans scent, but I think you age out of it pretty quick. I'm finding some of the Slumberhouse or Naomi Goodsir stuff is doing what I wanted this to do, but far better and more effectively.
By   - Freelance Arts from Seattle on 6/1/2021
Definitely a leather, but… less a daddy than an older brother? Jacket leather elevated with a good-natured blast of aldehydes and some nice pine / cedar / fir to introduce a note of the great outdoors into the proceedings. The vanilla in the drydown was a little confusing, but as with the rest of the production, oddly wholesome.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/9/2021
I'm a newbie to the fragrance game, but your nose is your nose, and this is a bit offensive- at first. Then, a couple of hours later, it smells amazing! The difference is night and day, and it becomes a gorgeous, deep celebration of intoxicating chemistry. It lingers, and the more you refresh it with a small spray, the deeper it seems to go into your skin in a good way. Do not judge it on first exposure! It became one of my favorites after having the patience to let it blossom, and it makes me wonder how many other fragrances I haven;t had the patience to let work their magic. I ordered the Modern kit, and this became my favorite.
By   - Construction from Plamondon, Alberta on 3/16/2019
I love this musky, saffron cologne, clean, soapy, fresh and delicious. Soap, Lemon, Leather, Iris, Pine. I've been wearing it for years, it has changed slightly for the better, it's feels stronger with a more masculine base. HOWEVER, It's Still Very Unisex.....and, NO homoerotic images inside the box anymore. I should take one star away, but, was just a gimmicky thing which doesn't affect performance. And I always wished the images were on the bottle anyhow.
By   - fume addict from Brooklyn on 3/14/2019
This is NOT masculine at all! It smells like that strong old lady know, the smell that walks in before she does? I expected a lot more from this name. Mainly, leather. I do smell any kind of leather at all! This should have smelled like raw denim, leather and sweat! Instead, it smells like a 65 year old woman going to church on Sunday. This is just a warning for all guys out there thinking this will be a "butch" cologne. It is definitely not.
By  on 3/29/2015
Tom of Finland is all the way over on the masculine scale for Luckyscent, and that is a real shame. Girls, you can wear this too--and should! On me, the sweet elements pull to the top, and I end up with a very sexy, slightly gourmand, vanilla-leather scent. As an understated yet scrumptious cool-weather and cold-weather date-night scent, you can hardly do better than this. It whispers (not shouts) "I'm sexy and a little naughty." Try a tester--you'll see what I mean!
By   - professor from NJ on 1/17/2015
small not good, but it's okay ..
By   - from kuwait city on 4/21/2013
l get a cacophony of notes in the opening; citrus, woods, amber, & a green & metallic vetiver. ln the heart it gets even more confusing, with notes of chlorine & latex medical gloves, evoking the smells of a hospital. Eventually this surrealism gives way to the sweetness of tonka, a hint of mint, & just as it all fades, a whiff of leather. l enjoy the latter phase of this fragrance, but that "medical" phase makes it a no-no for me.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
Tom of Finland smells more like Jethro of Nebraska. I see that pine-sol has stepped their game up and decided to create a fragrance line. In all seriousness, I blind bought this because of the reviews. I want to wear this but can't figure out when to wear especially because I have 60 other bottles that are clearly better.
By   - from Norfolk on 1/13/2013
Tom of Finland opens with a rubbery-ness that reminds me of the rubber of Bulgari Black. Indeed, the Tom box has the same matte rubber coating on its outer box. Except in this case, it calls to mind the synthetic scent of condoms or sex toys. That is the winking cheekiness of the Tom of Finland brand. Luckily that disappears and dries down into a pure, sudsy, well groomed scent. Similar to baby oil. Equally appropriate whether you're naked or fully clothed.
By   - from Los Angeles on 1/4/2012
Sexy! This scent is passionate, very much there, very much alive and sizzling with energy. The smell is a bit like the soapy cool of Joop!, mixed with the warm sweetness of Egoiste and even a little bit of the tangy, glue-like, leatherish element in Shalimar. Wonderful! Manly, sophisticated, modern, and have I already mentioned sexy?
By   - Designer from Diessen, Netherlands on 8/7/2011
I love this fragrance! I have gotten nothing but compliments ever since the day I bought it. It's a woodsy blend of leather and spice and everything nice. One of my straight friends actually grabbed my shirt and told me I smelt better than usual. If I have gotten compliments from older and younger females, and have had man to man affection while wearing this fantastic brand, just think of what it could do for you.
By   - Cashier from I'm in Massachusetts on 7/20/2011
Tom of Finland is simply gorgeous. It's one of those scents that make me unable to stop sniffing my arm. The vetiver and galbanum are rendered in a modern way, and in combination with the styrax, musk and tonka create a dizzying height of deliciousness I've rarely experienced in any perfume, let alone a masculine. Highly recommended for women and men.
By   - from Chicago on 5/31/2011
tom of finland has become my go-to. in a word, it's delicious. lingering on a white t-shirt, this just smells really, really good. clean, handsome, rugged. there is a rubbery note that adds a slightly synthetic quality to the opening of the composition, but it doesn't subtract from the quality or elegance of the overall fragrance in the slightest. it's beautifully simple, utterly masculine, and a wondrous thing to experience in its evolution on the skin (and clothes).
By   - from portland, or on 3/28/2011
Now it's THIS scent which smells of sex, and backrooms and leather and all things raunchy--but in the most refined way. I love it.
By   - from Chicago on 1/7/2011
SPECTACULAR! Amazing, amazing scent! I do admit that when I first tried it, I wasn't completely sold on it, but I kept sniffing and sniffing, and suddenly I couldn't get enough. I have never smelled any parfum even remotely like it --it has such complexity, that all the different fragrances all seem distinct and appear at different moments. Truly an olfactory experience worth repeating over and over!
By   - Professor from Indianapolis on 11/25/2009
I loved this bold and bracing scent right out of the bottle! The lemon and metallic scents jump out and say here I am! The dry down is warm and sexy but alas, it is gone oh so quickly! I could smell nothing, not even a ghost of this exotic blend after 2 hours. Oh Tom, come back to me!!!
By   - from Laguna Hills on 5/20/2009
Tom of Finland was not love at first sight for me, because simply it wasn't what I expected it to be. And for that I'm glad! It bends expectations, stumps them, and reformulates them. It's sparkling clean take on eroticism is truly a breath of fresh air! And yet, it is not timid either about its earthy underside: that saltiness of the skin, that lick of metal, that bitterness which remains when all is said and done... Inspired!
By   - architect from Philadelphia on 5/14/2009
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