Encens et Bubblegum

Eau de Parfum

by Etat Libre d'Orange

Encens et Bubblegum Sizes Available:
50ml $90
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Encens et Bubblegum...
*Shyly* I do love a good bubblegum scent like Herly’s Bubblegum Chic - but I tried this first years ago, and I like it. I am fascinated by it. Alas, the saliva note turns to a cloying butter that seriously pops my bubble gum reverie. However, I still bring out my decant to play with it to this day- like 7 years later- I still find this an intriguing (artsy) scent. I’m surprised I’m the only one with this problem...
By   - Reseach from Scottsdale on 12/23/2018
I had to try this scent because of the odd name. I was hoping it had a pretty sweet and spicy scent. I assure you it's as odd a smell as it's name. I didn't get the bubble gum scent I remember as a child. All i got was a cheap smelling fruity spicy scent that did not last too long. Thank god!!!
By   - server  from brooklyn N.Y. on 5/2/2012
To me this is a very complex smell. It's sweet and a little spicy at the same time. You would not smell anything like this. I really like the way the incense note sticks around on your skin without being too overpowering like many incense perfumes can be.
By   - server from Brooklyn on 4/27/2012
On me this was a lovely sweet bubblegum fragrance with a beautiful incense note in the background to stop this from becoming too sugary.
By   - from London on 11/2/2011
Bubblegum. Yum....this could have been delicious but it's a scrubber. The bubblegum quickly turns sickly sweet then morphs into a vomitatious - buttery - stale mess. This scent is quite simply disturbing. It induces a nausea, headache and all around ill feeling. Sweet bubblegum with an overtone of something evil and not in a good way.
By   - from Scottsdale on 7/28/2010
This could have been a great perfume, even momentous, but, I assure you, it is not. While there is, without question, a true-to-life bubblegum accord from initial blast to drydown, there is little else but a dirty, animalic, almost saliva-like smell – which, considering the very nature of bubblegum (that is, it is chewed, in the mouth, where one usually encounters saliva) may be true to life, but, on skin, gives the fragrance an unappealing note of halitosis. Luca Turin noted about another Etat Libre d’Orange fragrance, the much talked-about (and often loathed) Secretions Magnifiques, that there was a very evident “bilge note.” He was being kind. Nevertheless, this aquatic, nausea-inducing smell of dirty water (or tampon, as Tania Sanchez aptly noted in an interview) seems to have also made its way into Encens et Bubblegum, which really is a disappointment. That being said, however, I do think that this perfume could have been saved if less attention had been paid to the bubblegum, and more on the incense, where the use of more smoke and spice could have cut through the pink-y sweetness of the gum, and the dirtiness of the saliva-like/nautical note. Etat Libre d’Orange, however, failed use much spice or smoke at all, thus this scent, much as it is more that and less perfume, should simply be called Dirty Pink Bubblegum. One plus though: despite this being, in my opinion, completely unwearable by an adult, it is lovely to sniff (in the vial) every now and again, and might be just cheeky enough for a twelve-year old.
By   - Legal Assistant from Louisville, KY on 3/8/2010
love it. completely not what i expected but beautiful nonetheless. lasts for hours on me. definite success.
By  on 1/16/2010
Incense and bubblegum. A strange mix but a successful one (on me)!
By   - from Montreal, Canada on 10/8/2009
Unbearable. Once I opened the vial (part of the ELO sample set) I couldn’t bear to put it on my skin. The artificial flower-over-stink of a poorly cleaned cheap hotel room or public toilet.
By   - Words, music & software from near SF on 6/12/2009
I find this line exciting and fun, the names make me smile and the images make me giggle like a little girl! The actual fragrance however, is interesting yet evaporates into nothing in less than an hour. The incense is interesting but the bubblegum is too "sharp" - cuts right through all the other blooming notes and screams "pink!!!" till it (graciously) dies. I know I expected much but I was disappointed.
By   - Philosopher from Orange County on 5/19/2009
The incense is pretty good. The fruity bubblegum isn't. Dodged that bullet of wanting another one of their scents. (I love too many of them.)
By   - ret. from cols. on 5/15/2009
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