Eau de Parfum

by Etat Libre d'Orange

Divin'Enfant Sizes Available:
50ml $90
0.7ml sample $3
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A lovely mellow gourmand scent. The initial sweet notes dry down to a subtle mixture of sweet and leather. Gorgeous!
By   - from London on 10/20/2011
this was my first introduction to this line. I was luck enough to score a full size bottle on ebay someone sprayed maybe twice, and all I can say is, Ive been a fan of this line ever since. On me, you can completely smell the marshmallow, and being a big fan of gourmand scents this is a win-win perfume. Sidenote: had some woman in a store ask me what I was wearing when I had this on.
By   - from bellevue, ne on 8/20/2011
this is simply disgusting.....smells like an old lady in cheap perfume
By   - from santiago, Chile on 7/3/2011
I had received a sample of this from a store, but unfortunately, lost the name tag on the vial. I found it in my purse one day, and decided to try it. On application, I though, Whoa, glad to get rid of this, but as the day wore on, this morphed once, twice, maybe more. By evening, I was sniffing my wrist to see what new had developed. The next morning, I had to apply it again, just to experience it again. I can''t really pick out any single component in this, except to say it somehow, on drydown, reminds me of JPG''s Gaultier 2, but warmer. Not an everyday for me, but very interesting nonetheless. In the future, I may be drawn to a full bottle. We''ll see.
By   - from NYC on 6/26/2010
I need to ammend my last statement to say I WISH this was a scrubber. As in, I''ve been trying to scrub it off my skin all morning and it won''t go away. Now my skin is red and raw and yet I still stink. And yes, the scent continues to evovle but as of yet it''s evolved from one revolting scent to another.This fragrance is like toxic waste that won''t go away.
By   - Mother-Giver of Life from Albert Lea, MN on 6/15/2010
Eww, this is a scrubber. Just smells synthetic and medicinal, as if you have some sort of nasty rash and perhaps the smell is the goopy cream you''ve applied.I have a teenage cousin who is a self described, "Emo" and lover of all things obnoxious. I''m sending this to her.
By   - Mother-Giver of Life from Albert Lea, MN on 6/15/2010
I was really excited to try this one as I love all the notes that go into this scent. When I first put it on, it was bad but I waited for the dry down before making rash decision. It just got worse. I let my husband smell it in case it was just me who has a bad nose and his words were "Stop torturing me with that perfume." And not in a good way. Somehow all the notes I love all mixed together didn''t love me back. Dang it!
By   - from East Bay on 11/24/2009
Strong, interesting, a little smoky, and--as others have noted--sweet. Satisfyingly persistent. It dries down like the old Jean d''Albret "Ecusson," though with a bit more amber.
By   - words, music & software from near SF on 11/18/2009
It develops all day long. I love it!
By   - from Belgrade on 11/11/2009
I''m obviously in the minority here - but this the only one ELdO I have fallen head over heels for.It''s girly yet sophisticated and demands attention. It''s a bold scent (Iris Poudre comes to mind - although Divin Enfant has no aldehydes and IP is not nearly as sweet) and yes very sweet but the Orange Flower I find is perfectly balanced with musk which both reels the sweetness in and makes it sexy. I actually bought a sample - loved it, and wore it around a few months but then read reviews and thought "oh no! I can''t like this, look at these reviews!" And finally I just gave in convention be darned! It''s different and I adore it.
By   - from Boston on 9/28/2009
Top notes too sweet followed a powdery dry down, but not in a good way. More like an old perfume smell lingering on clothes in a closet. For me this was a scrubber...
By   - from Bay Area, CA on 6/3/2009
Fortunately, this scent was not my introduction to Etat Libre d''Orange. I ordered Putain des Palaces unsniffed and LOVED it, so I was excited to try my sample of Divin''Enfant. Sadly, it did not work for me. On my skin, the orange flower was cloying, the marshmallow sickeningly sweet, and the base notes imperceptible, even hours into the dry down. No doubt someone has the chemistry to make this work, but I dont.
By   - Baby Plotting World Domination from Quahog on 5/15/2009
I feel slightly nauseous from this one. It is too sweet. I had hopes that the coffee note would save it, but it doesn''t. And I''m a gourmand lover.
By   - ret. from cols. on 5/15/2009
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