Eau de Parfum

by Etat Libre d'Orange

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An absolutely fantastic perfume - perfect. Starts out sharp leathery, goes slightly skanky, then I guess birch tar or smoke or something, clean incense wood...NICE nice nice nice!! Not at all floral to me. I like this for the same reason I love Ormonde Jayne''s Ormonde Woman, because it doesn''t "smell like" anything but itself, and it''s really really good.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 5/24/2017
May be way too overwhelming for some women, but has become an all-time fave for me. The combination of incense, leather, rose and aldehydes sends me into a swoon. When I was first introduced to it, it seemed to be an apt scent for my horse-riding lessons (!) so now I have come to associate it with a glorious gallop and the rich leather smell of a saddle. I spritz it on whenever I want to feel earthy and adventurous, but I don''t think I could pull it off in the office or to a black-tie event. And don''t know how I would feel about it on a man. Perhaps too rosey-posey, notwithstanding the heavy leather (?). I have also tried Rien Intense and love that as well.
By   - Attorney from New York on 3/27/2017
I just placed my order for a full bottle. This is pungent when it is first applied. Then, it began to evolve into the most unexpected and lovely fragrance. It is complex for sure and not for those who like heavy florals, sweet or gourmand. I like the unexpected with this fragrance. It''s as if Audrey Hepburn was wearing Givenchy with Birkenstocks. Unlike many other fragrances I''ve tried (Tauer for example) this has great longevity as it evolves into softness with distinction.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 1/30/2016
Rien is as ironic a name as ELdO could have come up with. I love its orneriness and won''t even discuss the notes. Suffice to say, I bought two fragrances on my very first trip to Paris (to Europe, in fact) this summer, both on Rue des Archives: Rien at the ELdO flagship store, and Oldalisque at Parfumes de Nicoläi. Result: two gorgeous scent memories of that week in Le Marais, in a 5th floor apt with a terrace, the bells of Notre Dame, jazz on the Seine, Pere Lachaise, etc, etc.
By   - ex-bassist, alas from Cleveland-ish on 1/3/2016
Very birch tar heavy. It out-bandits Bandit! If you realllly like strong leathergasoline, this if for you. I personally couldn''t wear it but I can appreciate its artistry.
By   - RN from NYC on 9/20/2015
I love this. It''s just straight-up incense on me. Like - walking into a hippy-store, Nag Champa, they burn it all day. But in a good way. I love it. It''s like being in a cathedral.
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 7/31/2015
This was a hard one to give a numeric score to. It''s a gorgeous, sumptuous fragrance... and assertively feminine. I knew the second it hit my skin that it was a good idea to try it at home rather than heading out. The floral notes are assertive on application, and I hoped that it would dry down and warm up into something that I could get away with wearing. But no, the lingering essence was patchouli, rose and amber, blended in a way that screams "sexy gypsy woman." One of the few scrubbers I''ve experienced in a long time... but one that I''m going to ask my wife to try out, because I really like it! Just not on me... I felt like I should be wearing a batik skirt and frilly eyelet blouse. I think the Lucky Scent crew should bump the sliding scale on this one a little off of center and toward femme. I would be very surprised if many men would be interested in wearing this.
By   - from Providence on 8/14/2014
Sometimes you get lucky with a blind buy and other times...this. This is not a bad scent by any means. In fact, it smells like Serge Lutens Chergui and Daim Blonde. It''s a suede scent with a lot of little hints of other scents like moss and smoke. I don''t detect anything original or magnificent going on here. It''s an odd scent, like the winter coat area in a department store. Reminds me of industrial carpet in a corporate office. I don''t usually believe that there are mens and womens fragrances, but I have to say that this really strikes me as for women only. Do yourself a favor and get a sample first. I''d give it to my wife but I don''t really want to smell it on her, either.
By   - HS from NY on 3/25/2013
I just received my 4th bottle of heaven from Etat Libre D''orange and for something called nothing( rien is french for nothing) It''s a whole lot of everything I''ve come to expect from them. Granted not all their scents work on me. I try to stay away from citrus, sweet and green earthy. I''m a full blooded, whip smacking, bring-it-on leather man just in the scense of fragrance. The 4 I own have a nice dose of leather and are quite strong heavy scents. which I need as I have acid skin. I''m lucky to get past 5 minutes, so I look for the heavy, rich, sexy long lasting, and Rien is one I can say does all the above. Merci Luckyscent!
By  on 3/11/2013
The opening is indeed a rough ride dark, bitter, astringent, dry leather & ash but wait for the drydown, because this one is incredible! Pepper, civet, powder & smoky incense soften the rough edges, & give way to a wonderfully warm & animalic leather beneath. The smoke & skank combine to make this fragrance feel like the lovechild of Habanita & Bal a Versailles a fantastic achievement. Strong, distinctive, long-lasting, & not for the faint-hearted, it lifts my heart to know that someone is still brave enough to produce a fragrance like this. Bravo ELd''O!
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
This is the rare thing of a skin scent that is incredibly soft but not shy. It''s well defined ingredients have a clear voice together instead of a undecisive murmur. To thereby achieves such elegant softness and subtleness must be high art. Beautiful.
By   - from UK on 1/28/2012
There was an initial blast of leather and pepper, which lead to a warm intoxicating incense. Great longevity and good sillage (apply sparingly!). Lovely!
By   - from London on 11/1/2011
Front page newsworthy fragrance. This was the most challenging fragrance I ever grew to love. At first all I got was rubbing alcohol and new, chemically leather belt. Then I got it: spicy, aldehydic opening, a bit of patchouli, oakmoss, dry leather. Wonderful stuff, lasts forever, and metamorphoses the entire wear. A gutsy lady may wear this, and I applaud you! But I''m clutching this to my chest as the new masculine chypre classic. I wear this when I want everything to go well and don''t want to leave anything to chance...
By   - forest biologist from Athens, GA on 5/5/2011
Smelled like an old lady- really old. Awful.
By   - from new york on 12/13/2010
Only smoke and leather. :-(
By   - from Pittsburgh on 6/5/2010
I just put some on, and I''m trying to figure it out. I Love the incense and the florals, but it''s reminding me a little too much of a scent from my grandmother''s vanity table. I''ll wear it out tonight, and see how it goes over in public.
By   - Professor from Indianapolis on 11/25/2009
There''s SO much to like here--the myrrh and smoke and rose and aldehydes and sweet complication--and I found it very true from application through dry-down. What kills it for me is the scent of tar, a too-strong whiff of hot asphalt.
By   - words, music & software from near SF on 11/18/2009
Like so many others, I threw caution to the wind and bought this beautiful fragrance. It is very intense indeed not of frankincense, but the ''real'' incense that burns on a stick. The lasting power is like ''Secretions Magnifiques'' - until you wash it off. It''s not easily liked by people who aren''t parfumistas, as they find it too confronting. I love it very much, but as Robert White reviewed it will last you years if stored well!
By   - Butler from Perth, Australia on 10/29/2009
Only half of the little sample I got from Luckyscent lasted over 24 hours on me. I LOVE this stuff. It is loud, spicy, sweaty, and obnoxious...like me. The only other perfume I can honestly compare it to is Caron''s Yatagan but this is in a class of it''s own. I can''t wait to order a bottle because I''ve calculated that one 50 ml bottle should last me about 30 years or the rest of my life, whichever comes first.
By   - Chef from Boston on 7/23/2009
Very very medicinal on me -- almost akin to one of the nose-burning Montale frags (Musk to Musk, for example, which truly smells almost identical). I do catch an incensey undertone, which comes off like a slight "head shop" kind of scent. However, the dominant note here -- a note which, as far as I can tell, NEVER warms up to anything more welcoming -- is astringent, herbal medicine note.
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 6/10/2009
I wasn''t sure. I through care to the wind and bought and arrived today and I was so afraid..but I love it...it does smell as I read somewhere like an old fashioned fragrance but there is something that keeps making me smell my arm.
By   - gallery owner from rehoboth beach on 5/30/2009
If you like the old-fashioned, classic perfumes, check this one out. Otherwise, don''t. It is the strongest of their fragrances, despite its name
By   - ret. from cols on 5/15/2009
one of the most original fragrances i have ever tried, owned, and loved. more of a winter scent to me. i''m excited to see what other peoples'' thoughts are on this one.x
By   - photographer from nyc on 5/15/2009
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