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Not A Perfume Superdose

Eau de Parfum

100ml $150
1ml atomizer
1ml atomizer sample $5
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I'm a sucker for this type of fragrance, so I didn't waste a moment before pulling the trigger on this. I love JHAG Not a Perfume, and this one is even better. Nothing funky at all on my skin, but you might want to try before you buy (even though I didn't). If you are a fan of the Escentric Molecule series, Le Labo Another 13, or the original Not a Perfume, you are probably going to love this one. No buyer's remorse here. I love this stuff.
By   - teacher from Kingston on 10/4/2019
Of course it’s not a perfume, silly; it’s Cetalox, a warm amber-like synthetic compound that makes a good stand-in for ambergris, or so I am told. This has a papery aspect I really like, but on my skin it spent a good portion of the opening in a pong-y, funky state that made me think it was about to be a scrubber. I gave it a while and was rewarded with everything from oak to Concord grape skins, but I take serious issue with the marketing person who tried tacking “superclean” to this one.
By   - editor from Seattle on 9/22/2019
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