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Russian Tea

Eau de Parfum

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Too much smoke, not enough tea.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Woof this one is smoky. There's some interest below it, but by the time the smoke faded (hours!!) it smelled like horses.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/28/2020
Another great fragrance from Masque Milano! It smells aptly as it is named. A heart warming fragrance for that can be used all year round. It has an etherial quality that is surprisingly long lasting. I own 3 fragrances from the company, and they all are of very high quality, masterly blended and unique. They all share the same original DNA of this top niche fragrance company.
By   - Artist from Vancouver on 7/17/2019
I wanted this to smell like my "russian caravan" tea smells and tastes....but it didn't. The tea is buried under too many other notes and while they weren't very distinct I think the magnolia and raspberry notes were bad ideas. Should have just leaned into the smokey tea idea and not bothered trying to make it sweeter as an attempt at something more unisex. After the dry down it basically just smelled like the birchwood, woody without much else. My search for that special scent that sings to my russian bloodline still continues.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 3/24/2019
A beautiful combination of diesel, light smoke, and bergamot tea. I love it, but I would say it is a little too masculine for me to wear. It is not quite as unisex as some parfums.
By   - Artist from Riverside on 2/23/2018
I don't know. On initial application, right after the first spray, this is downright oppressive. For a second after applying, I always feel like I can't breathe. I hate to say it, but.. it's like walking past a tire fire. Smoky acrid rubber-- the leather is REALLY intense on me. So I stopped spraying it directly on my skin; now I spray into the air about midtorso and walk through the mist so it clings to my garments. This application gave me a new appreciation for the scent... here I get the incense, the wood, a sharp unripe fruit. It's such an interesting arrangement that I come back to it a few times a month. But it's definitely not 'fresh' to me, and I rarely wear it out of the house.
By   - Student from Cleveland on 8/25/2017
I recently happened upon a tea shoppe at the mall. They were kind enough to allow me to smell various imported black teas. Now I understand this wonderful fragrance. Sweet flowers, juicy raspberries and smokey black tea. Just a gorgeous scent. Warm and beautiful. I love it on cold days especially, when the warmth from the tea makes me feel alive again. Hands down, my favorite tea scent.
By   - Retired from Charlotte on 12/14/2016
I'm unsure why this is Russian - or Tea, for that matter. What it is is gorgeous. I blame my body chemistry - it's practically a linear honey on me, albeit a dark, heavy, barely pourable honey. The mint appeared briefly at application and bowed out. The overall atmosphere reminds me more of a long-historied Chinese shop. The one that has soaring ceilings, antique goods, and quite a bit of dust. Hence my surprise at the "Russian" reference. Zagorsk is Russian. This - not so much. I think it's the insence that's responsible. It's not a very Russian thing. This to me, nonetheless, is a definite must-have. I'm thinking of an occasion to reward myself; will likely fail finding a reason and just buy it anyway.
By   - Sabbatical from New York on 10/5/2016
Count me in the "love" crowd—to me, this is the most wearable perfume I've ever tried! Smoky, herby scent with very dry notes of mint and raspberry coming through in the background. Light enough that it's easy to wear to almost any occasion, day or night, but noticeable enough to attract attention and compliments. Interesting balance of mystery and freshness. (Note: it's true that this is not even remotely a "woody oriental with a hint of musk," as the 1-star reviewer below had hoped for, nor do I get the impression it's really supposed to be one—the birchwood and incense are certainly identifiable, but not dominant. The smoky tea and very dry notes of mint and berry take center stage.)
By   - Photographer from Ann Arbor, MI on 9/23/2016
I found this just awful - had to scrub it off me immediately. I normally like woody orientals with a hint of musk, none of which appear here so perhaps that's not a surprise. Didn't even smell like a perfume to me.
By   - Maanger from Sydney, Australia on 2/14/2016
I loved it from the description. But on my skin there is not much tea. Mostly I can feel the sweetness, almost like honey, with a hint of smoke on top. Not bad, but neither what I expected.
By   - copywriter from Sweden on 10/23/2015
Sweet smoky tea scent that is completely addictive. I LOVE this perfume!
By   - artist from new york on 10/3/2015
Best black tea out there. Smoky, raspberry, very real. Leaves a nice trail. Could not be improved upon.
By  on 4/18/2015
Spicy black tea and mint opening, then smoky rubbery leathery lapsang souchong. I don't get any fruit, though there is a trace of sweetness.
By  on 12/7/2014
I got this as a sample. The scent is lovely. Smokey tea with just the right amount of sweetness. Two hours in, and the scent drifts in and out in a beautiful way. Placing my order now!!!!!
By   - sales from charlotte on 12/5/2014
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