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Eau de Toilette

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Please know that I am a very well brought up girl. However, all I can do when I put this scent on is swear! If the sexiest man on earth were bottled - this is what he'd smell like! This scent is sooooo sexy, it actually drives me wild; I've only just bought it - so I've yet to see whether it has the same effect on others (here's hoping). Curiously, from the description, I would never have purchased it - and when I have it on, I can't readily identify the components either. All I know is, the result is unique genius. In fact, together with one other - this is the most glorious perfume I have ever come across. I know you are probably asking me to explain how it smells - but I just can't! Maybe...sweet, honey, woody, smoky aftershavey perfume? Anyway, I clicked on the perfumer's name, and aside from 'Play Green' - which I also love - wouldn't you know he is responsible for another very curious-smelling scent I love, namely 'Noel au Balcon'. I must try some of his others; I like this man's nose! Oh, one other thing - perfume disappears on me very quickly; this, however, lingers - which is awesome, because I keep getting wafts - and thus I keep swearing, and making slightly lurid 'mmmm' noises!
By   - from London on 8/21/2013
I was wanting to like this one more than I did. Off the top (for the first 40 min) I got a dark green scent consisting of tree moss a bit of black pepper and then i smelled something unexpected...citronella. I know very weird, but that's what it reminded me of, not bad, just not what I was expecting. The rest of the scent consisted of heavy black pepper and inscence. This an okay scent but something just wasn't working for me. The black pepper smelled pretty synthetic to me, maybe that's what turned me off. If you are looking for a good black pepper go for CDG's Wonderwood, very lovely black pepper and wood scent (the pepper and wood which is almost like a sawdust works well together). The projection was fairly good, and the scent lasted around 5-6 hours on my skin.
By  on 5/6/2013
This scent is my favorite of the PLAY series. I do love dark, woody frags and this is the perfect casual woody scent. Great for people who are new to the CdG line. Very masculine. Great longevity.
By   - Student from Prague on 3/22/2013
PEPPER, PEPPER, PEPPER. Then, pepper + maple syrup/ketchup. I can't be sure why, but it hits me in a way that sort of makes me gag. I was excited for this one, but just doesn't work for me.
By  on 8/13/2012
Amazing. The black pepper is what sold me on this. It's like pepper thrown into a cloud of incense smoke. I love it. People have stopped me and asked me what wonderful scent I am wearing.
By   - from Los Angeles on 7/16/2012
Yes, Comme des Garcons Black will smell divine on a man! However, I'm not of the male species and I love it! It is totally smouldering, smoky incense. It starts off smoky, as in 'I sat too long by the campfire' smoky. Then morphs into a delicious smoky burning incense scent. Not exactly a daily fragrance for the shy, wilting girly girl. But even a girly girl will like this smouldering incense of CdG 'Black', even if she wears it in secret!
By  on 6/9/2012
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