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Accident a la Vanille

Extrait de Parfum

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This is not just a simple vanilla like Indult or Vaniglia. It has more of a gourmand aspect to it that is reminiscent of toffee. To be sure, it’s absolute heaven in a bottle! I’m having a hard time justifying a fb, though, as it only lasts about an hour on my skin & clothing.
By   - Chemist from Dickson on 9/16/2021
Finally a vanilla that shines above the already crowded field. Holy Grail vanilla in my book. Think creamy dreamy.
By   - retired from Reno on 9/13/2021
If you're enthralled with the scent of vanilla flavoring, skip this. Or, you could expand your horizons in learn who wonderful vanilla can be. This perfume is only slightly gourmand. Mostly it's just luscious, creamy, and entrancing and almost more musk-like than foody. Except that it doesn't have musk. It satisfies the desire for something deep, warm, cuddly. It's far from overwhelming, but it does stay around for quite a while--if I put on some at night, it's still faintly there in the morning.
By   - retired from Louisville, CO on 9/4/2021
Interestingly, I don’t get much vanilla from this. On me, it smells like a toffee cappuccino. It doesn’t have the best longevity, but it’s decent. I think this is one of the best gourmands available!
By   - Reviewer  from Dickson on 8/24/2021
This is the most seductive vanilla. It smells like warm vanilla custard, flecked with real vanilla bean, and the tiniest bit of rum and smoke. It’s sweet, creamy and edible but also incredibly rich and sophisticated, without getting heavy or cloying. Incredibly well balanced. I love this and plan to get a full bottle soon.
By   - Teacher from Charlotte on 8/23/2021
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