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I am surprised only one previous review mentions popcorn because that is exactly what this smells like on my skin! Sweet, buttery, caramel popcorn. Personally, it's not what I was hoping for (thankfully it's just a sample), but if anyone is looking for a delicious caramel popcorn fragrance then this is the one!
By   - Designer from New York on 5/11/2021
I like Salt Caramel. It smells just like its titled and it smelled beautiful on my skin. Lovely projection and sillage - soft on both counts and that's what I was hoping for. Sure I'd buy a full bottle.
By   - Wrist Sniffer from New York on 7/19/2020
I wanted to love this, but the scent is all too brief and rather plain. I spritz it on before going to work because I know it won't last and no one will notice/complain.
By   - Education from OKC on 6/18/2020
To Jessie: That is what samples are for my friend. Who buys a perfume without smelling it first? And for the record, this is a delicious gourmand scent with great sillage.
By   - Trapeze artist from Sedona on 3/8/2020
It has a burnt quality at first that wears off after a while. Once you get past that its very cozy. I love it but I just wish it had better longevity. Bought a FB though.
By   - student from Dallas on 1/21/2020
Jessie. Perfume is expensive. Lucky Scent provides samples for a reason. Do yourself a favor and take full advantage of this so you don't get stuck with another bottle of "stink". $3 is pretty cheap insurance, no?
By   - Retired from Sedona on 9/8/2019
I love a good gourmand and this does not disappoint! Beautiful burnt caramel with vanilla and sea salt. Smells like a delicious creme brulee. Lasts all day for me and the sillage is perfect. I also love to layer this with 4160 Tuesdays "Over the Chocolate Shop" - smells like a decadent turtle sundae without the calories!
By   - Seminary Student from Cedar Rapids on 7/10/2019
First off Luckyscent was awesome. Quick smooth transaction and shipping. But Ugh I wanted this perfume for so long and I sprayed it once and want to vomit. Always hearing such great things about this scent, I took a chance. I love a sweet yummy smelling fragrance. Something that smells more edible then perfume. Montale is usually my go to with Chocolate Greedy or one of there many Vanillas. Unfortunately This smells horrid. Not sweet and delish at all. It is so strong and instantly made me nauseous. My allergies will not appreciate this fragrance at all. Now I’m stuck with a bottle of stink. So disappointed.
By   - Office from Cornwall,NY on 1/28/2019
A gourmand through and through. Nothing I can say that the description doesn't already. However this is more femme, or should be used for their pleasure.
By   - paper pusher from sacramento on 5/20/2018
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am addicted! This has to be the best fragrance on earth. I smell like someone dipped me in some caramel sauce with powdered sugar on top. If you want men following you through the supermarket, doc apps, work, anywhere, hypnotized then this is the scent. I'm sure If I smelled this on a guy, I would follow him around as well. This is like one of those things your afraid to really tell people about because it will be sold out or disappear or discontinued. Well heres to my biggest secret. I just can not get enough of this stuff, nor can the the people I attract.
By   - stylist from las vegas on 5/15/2018
I love this fragrance. When it's cold and rainy out I find myself craving the warm comfort of a sweet fragrance, and this one hits the spot. The sweet caramel is grounded by the woodsy sandalwood and rich tonka. Irristible but more refined than Pink Sugar-type scents.
By   - Scent Smeller from Los Angeles on 2/9/2017
This should simply be called "Hazelnut". I don't smell any salt or caramel...just hazelnut and more hazelnut. It's not terrible, it's just not what i was expecting given the fragrance name.
By   - IT Nerd from Texas on 1/21/2017
This has been my wife's signature scent for a while. Warm, nutty Caramel popcorn with a hint of Salted Pretzel. On her it lasts into the next day unless she showers but it's not screaming , just softly projecting it's time for desert. Excellent formulation. Please never change it.
By   - Physical Therapist  from Cape Carteret on 1/21/2017
Very nutty, an otherwise literal interpretation of salted caramel. Nice but not extremely complex.
By   - Software Architect from London on 4/20/2016
I am intensely crazy about this and have to consciously not smell my wrist too often. I find that on me, it does last quite a while. It is sweet but not too sweet. Foody but not to much like a bake shop. I love it best after about 2 hours.
By   - writer from Chicago on 1/18/2016
Great scent, it starts outs with a light salty edible floral type vibe for about the first 2 minutes, then it dried down to a salted caramel-hazelnut scent that's soft and very appealing. Although it's a great scent, I find it to be very fleeting and has poor longevity and sillage. I use it mostly before bed and spray some on my pillows or blanket.
By   - Social worker from New york on 1/1/2016
This is delectable. I think I would love it for any season.
By   - writer from midwest on 11/6/2015
This is wonderful.Gourmand and foody? Yes: Tooth achingly sweet? No.The salt tempers the sweetness and melts into the skin like a soft pillow,emanating a caramel candy aura that is light,not overwhelming.
By   - Artist from Carmel on 7/23/2015
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