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A dreamy creamy confection that sustains!
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 5/2/2019
I like sweet, and I like gourmand.. And I LOVE this perfume, absolutely adore it (I've been ordering 4 samples every 2-3 days to fill a small spray bottle until it comes back into stock and my full size bottle ships, that's how much I love it). It opens with a creamy coconut, and soft floral scent... Honestly the first minute or two smells a LOT like the coconut scented sunblocks that are out there, if they were a perfume rather than a heavy lotion. As the day wears on the coconut becomes more subtle, but stays at the heart of the scent, with caramel joining the soft floral front notes. It lasts most of the day, though I usually re-apply around lunch time, when I have been sweating (my exercise time)..
By   - Human Resources from Ithaca, NY on 2/7/2018
I really thought I'd love this perfume with all the notes listed that make me think "YUM!" Sadly, this smells like sweet playdoh lotion on me. The playdoh not just doesn't seem to mellow either.
By   - IT from Texas on 2/3/2017
This started out like just mixed cake batter on me, but quickly morphed into a really light floral musk with just a hint of confectionary. It's quite soft and natural, just sweet enough to be feminine. Unfortunately I could barely smell it after 30 minutes. It's too bad as this was easily my favorite of all the vanillas I sampled.
By   - full time mom from the boonies on 8/22/2014
Based on the notes, I expected to fall in love with this perfume. Also, I adore Madera by the same company so I was hopeful that the magic would repeat itself here. On me, this starts off a bit off-putting. I believe that either the mimosa or the jasmine, or a combo of both is what bothers me in this formula. Those flowery elements almost threaten to give me a headache. I feel they clash with the other notes. However, the dry down is much better for me, no almost-headache whatsoever. The dry down leaves only the sweet, creaminess of the whipped cream, vanilla, caramel. Overall this is a light and airy perfume with sweetness and a touch of flowers mixed in. On me it's ok but not amazing. On someone else, this could be a dream come true! Try it for yourselves to see what it does on your skin.
By   - from puerto rico on 7/24/2013
It is sweet but not too sweet. Dies down to a creamy almond smell with a slight hint of musk. Thinking will be my next full bottle purchase
By   - Dental hygienist on 1/25/2013
Incredibly sweet - like a sugar cookie. Not terribly off-putting, but not something I'd buy for my lady...unless she had an undying love for cake!
By   - Massage Therapist from Seattle on 12/13/2012
beautiful..beautiful...cant stop smelling my wrist.
By   - art professor from midwest on 12/10/2012
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