Eau de Parfum

by Penhaligons

Peoneve Sizes Available:
50ml $132
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Peoneve...
I love this scent and I cannot wait to establish it as my everyday scent. I also wanted to say I appreciated the little surprise in the amount of samples I received! Great service, timely delivery with an unharmed beautiful bottle inside. I am a fan for life of Luckyscent!
By   - from Tampa on 8/13/2015
This has a loud top note with a lot of wood or musk in it. As it dries down the sweet floral scents of violet, jasmine, peony and rose come out. The rose is the star of this scent, but the other flowers balance it out. This is not your grandmother''s rose perfume. It''s a romantic scent that I really enjoy. I have worn J''Adore almost exclusively for 14 years now. I am looking for something new to try and am leaning towards buying a bottle of this gorgeous perfume! It was my favourite out of 7 peony scents I tried.
By   - from Chisasibi, Québec on 6/13/2015
I keep opening the bottle and smelling this bright fresh yet girly perfume. There is nothing quite so girly as the scent of peony. And paired with bright green vetiver and fresh fun violet leaf this can appeal to a young lass or to an older "young at heart"woman like me!
By   - physician but why does that matter from somewhere in Pennsylvania on 7/25/2014
I''ve tested about a dozen rose perfumes in the last few months, looking for a replacement for my Rose Ikebana (a holy grail perfume - minus the part where it is $250, and also the part where it disappears entirely after two hours), and Peoneve is the clear winner. A crisp, fresh, rose without a trace of powder or incense. A genuinely refreshing perfume that is appropriate for young women as well as mature.
By  on 3/14/2014
Decided to try out a few peony scents. I bought samples of this one and Rose Pivoine. I like Peoneve better. It smells a little more complex. It has a green note to it that Rose Pivoine is missing. Still too flowery and girly for me, but I would recommend it to a friend.
By   - Assistant from Qieens on 4/6/2013
Color: Opening: Cobalt Green, Middle: Medium turquoise. Base: Shell PinkFlesh tone. Beautiful Peony floral that dries down into a very natural skin fragrance. If something or someone from a different world would ask, ''what does a woman smell like?'', this is the answer. I imagine Ayla (Clan of the Cave Bear) trying to be inconspicuous as she attempts to walk up upon a new clan...They smell her, she is unfamiliar, she is pure woman. Peoneve is woman. Peoneve begins sharp but quickly moves into its natural statement of woman. There seems to be no evolution or unfolding of presence. Once Peoneve grabs your skin, she proudly announces...''I''m glad you finally remember who you are." This is a true "remember, in your natural state, you are a beautiful woman," fragrance. Wear it proudly and roar.
By   - Art Therapist from St. Louis on 8/1/2012
Wow. Peonies are among my favorite flowers. The season is so short and they are so spectacular that I buy them every week while I can. Because I love them so, I''ve tried a couple other peony-dominant frangrances and they tend to start out okay and then dry down all old-lady-ish. I just got a sample of this one and, well, so far so good. It''s not heavy. It does smell distinctly of peony. It retains a certain freshness I appreciate. It''s heady and hypnotizing the way real peonies are. It''s really something rather special.
By   - from DC on 7/28/2012
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