Blenheim Bouquet

Eau de Toilette

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Here's what other people are saying about Blenheim Bouquet...
Classic scent! The citrus is vibrant, the black pepper makes for a super interesting note before fading into a pleasant pine that recalls PDM Byerly. This is definitely an older style scent but it will still turn heads.
By   - Consultant  from Vancouver on 9/9/2020
Citrus and pine with a hint of lavender. Simple, direct, and clean. I think this is one of the best fragrances to spritz on after a cool shower on a hot day. Refreshing!
By  on 6/26/2011
It smells almost medicinal. It reminds me of Limecol; an English after-shave cologne. Definitely NOT a fave!!
By   - therapist from NYC on 2/26/2011
Waht a disapointment! I was expecting soemthing refreshing and natural...instead, I got sharp top notes that almost irritate, and anasty artificial drydown....brrr...
By   - perfumer from Australia on 11/21/2008
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