Juniper Sling

Eau de Toilette

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nice, splashy, herbal opening that dries down to a light, clean, classy scent. since it’s an EDT you can expect it to fade and need to be reapplied, but I don’t mind that tbh. if you have a favorite Jo Malone scent I bet you’ll like this too
By   - editor from Washington DC on 12/10/2020
This is nice but it's gone in a flash. Too light and too short.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Extremely fresh opening of juniper, light orange note and the herbal tea quality of the angelica, reminds me a bit of Pinkster and Sipsmith gin. Smooth slide of cardamom that melds with the orange, I almost get a holiday feeling. Sadly Juniper Sling doesn't stay around long, and it's a shame. The dry down, mostly of vetiver and amber brown sugar, are the only final notes of the short lived party. I almost wonder if combining it with their hand and body lotion would tease out the longevity.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
When Penhaligon discontinued Racquets, I thought I would never find a suitable replacement. Then, I tried Juniper Sling and have used it ever since. Lovely fragrance with a bit of bounce!
By   - Retired from Prescott Valley on 1/12/2019
Cool, light, and citrus-inflected, just as it ought to be. As a gin, this would fall more toward the dry-juniper Tanqueray end of the spectrum than the botanical Hendrick's, though I say it's more spice-accented Plymouth than either. As a fragrance, it's deliciously skin-conscious and adult without being boozy or louche. You're going to wear this into board meetings and you're going to get away with it, but a couple of your co-workers are going to unconsciously raise an eyebrow; if asked, they'll never be able to explain quite why.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/14/2018
Opens with a nice cool pine, then edges into a licorice with some sweetness. Fades back to pine. Reminds me of TDC's Sens et Bois.
By  on 9/22/2014
This is such a delicious scent. Clean and herbaceous it is balanced by a touch of warmth from the citrus, while the cherry adds depth/body without being too sweet. In the same way that women can make men's dress shirts sexier, a woman could definitely wear this well, but it is a masculine unisex. My boyfriend really loves it, and I love to smell it, so I'm buying this for him to wear as a gift for both of us.
By   - Bookseller from Pasadena, CA on 4/9/2013
So many notes(!), but all I can detect is gin, juniper and vetiver. It's a nice summer fragrance, but for me it loses stars because it basically dries down to mostly vetiver and doesn't last long.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 6/26/2012
I simply love this fragrance. I avoid floral like the plague and enjoy vetiver, woodsy fragrances but I wanted something a bit sweeter and lighter as a break from the usual. This is amazingly lovely. A bit Christmasy but fresher. Only prob is it doesn't last long at all.
By   - museum from NYC on 12/13/2011
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