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I purchased this fragrance sample because I watched a review on YouTube and to be honest it exceed my expectations, long lasting, good silage and a complement getter .. is more of an office, date or dinner ..
By   - Warehouse manager  from Atlanta, ga on 2/7/2020
I'm a Texan who was living in England when Quercus was released (1997, I think... 1998?). Lots of samples in chic magazines, etc. An admitted dandy and scent snob, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a bottle, liberally douse myself, and waft my limbs in the general direction of my American friends. It was my first Penhaligons scent, bought right from the store in London. I'll never forget the plane ride home that Christmas, when some seven year old urchin seated near me said: "Daddy, he's wearing "CK One," just like you!" The little creature repeated this about fifteen times to her drowsy guardian before giving up, but her voice bleated in my brain the rest of the journey across the Atlantic. Upon landing, I tore into the first Target or Wal-Mart or whatever I could find, so I could sniff a sample of CK One (a scent so far off my radar I'd never had a whiff). You know how this ends, right? Do I need to spell it out?
By   - Praxeologist from Dallas on 10/25/2014
I´m surprised by the other negative reviews.. My mother, my husband and me tried this, and we all loved it. It´s classic, stylish, historical and traditional. At the same time its individual, special, discrete and warm. It´s both dark and light, clean and warm. And most of all very very sexy. I´m sure Daniel Craig and Eva Gaëlle Green both smelled like this in James Bond - Casino Royale! In fact, they probably switched between this and Heeley - Sel Marin:). Try it.
By   - photo archivist from Oslo on 1/17/2013
I could certainly smell the citrus and floral aspect, but this smells somewhat medicinal and slightly minty. I guess bergamot does that when it's in combination with the others. Not for me.
By   - therapist from NYC on 2/26/2011
A great list of "notes" in an unpleasant concoction--Faberge Brut 33 (my personal barf standard) at its worst. Not on me, not on my guy!
By   - from near SF on 2/9/2010
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