The Bewitching Yasmine

Eau de Parfum

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FB worthy. Incense, dark, like a Burgundy wine and a rich dessert. Candles flickering, a fire down to the coals but still warm, a damask tablecloth and the glitter of silver. This is wonderful.
By   - writer from DC on 3/5/2020
Vaguely dark. I don't feel like jasmine is the star, nor vanilla. This smells like a elderly librarian doused in an old 90s perfume. It opens sort of oily, dank jasmine flowers in a funeral home, then quickly dries down into a dull musk. Defense not my style and definitely a pass.
By   - Accountant from Clinton on 10/1/2019
One that requires a fine wide spray, walked into to settle on skin but also hair and clothing to show all its facets. A deep shadowed jasmine with a steady oud background, lit with sparks of incense and spice. One of those intense perfumes for times when you want the perfume to take over your mood. Love it. It also encapsulates a fond memory as a keepsake of travel to the UK. A Pre-Raphaelite/silky Orientalist velvety wonder.
By   - Artist  from Brooklyn on 7/5/2019
Smelled lovely in the vial, the coffee and cardamom are really distinct. Once on my body it smelled like rubbing alcohol and vanilla extract and something chemical and sickly sweet. But surely its just my skin right? No! Even on fabric and paper, the same thing happens. So strange. I wish It smelled on my clothes and skin how it smelled in the vial.
By   - admin from amarillo on 3/6/2019
Creamy vanilla and cardamom coffee, not unlike a coffee shop holiday hot beverage. Jasmine doesn't appear until a good hours into wearing. Interesting gourmand that turns into a floral amber. I can detect the vanilla from start to finish and it's the rich baking vanilla that I loved so much in the Shalimar Ode de a la Vanille series.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/29/2018
Excellent soft gourmand. Reminds me of a Starbuck coffee shop winter beverage - coffee, vanilla, cardamom - that gently settles into a light jasmine and vanilla finally.
By   - SAHM from Williamsburg on 12/8/2018
A deliciously boozy coffee-cardamon-vanilla gourmand, with just a hint of jasmine drifting in and out of focus. I found this a bit more unisex that you might expect from that slider.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/5/2017
This is really gorgeous! I disagree with the other reviewer - there is a lot more going on in this than Mancera Aoud Vanille. Yes there is oud, and vanilla, but there is a very sophisticated jasmine note that floats on top, long with a smooth sultry price layer woven in. It is the same spice note that can be found in Mona di Orio's masterpiece "Oud" now known as "Oud Osmanthus", so maybe this unique note is coming from the particular kind of oud that is used. Then I am picking up incense which feels exotic and mysterious. It's a devilish, sexy tapestry of scent - absolutely unisex too!
By   - Lawyer from Washington DC on 11/3/2017
Mancera Aoud Vanille, but not as good.
By   - Photographer from LA on 9/10/2017
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