Much Ado About the Duke

Eau de Parfum

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If you're looking for a masculine floral rose fragrance, this one might be what you're looking for. All of the notes work harmoniously to provide a fresh, fruity rose that isn't at all girly. It's sexy and definitely more of an erotic fragrance. The only shortcomings of the Duke are projection and longevity. The scent wears fairly close to the body, so it's better suited for more close encounters. Longevity leaves much to be desired, unfortunately. 2-4 hours of performance. Would've given 5 stars if the performance were better. So, anyone who's looking for a "get lucky" fragrance, you can place your trust in the Duke.
By   - Dragon Tamer from West Palm Beach on 2/20/2020
This is exactly as described, a peppery, woody, gin-ed up rose. It has crazy longevity on me, and the notes don't change too much as the hours pass - it starts out a tiny bit pepper powdery, then it becomes only slightly less peppery, making it more of a woody rose. But the pepper never disappears. I enjoy it, and will own up to maybe 15% of the purchase stemming from the bottle design, they definitely got me with the dog cap. Luckily I love masculine-tinged rose scents too!
By   - Manager from South Carolina on 5/14/2017
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