The Tragedy of Lord George

Eau de Parfum

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75ml $270
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My boyfriend likes this one! Good and hardcover, not broken at all :)
By   - student from Surrey on 11/24/2017
After an opening as soapy-clean as suggested above, this one opens out into something really nice -- every bit as regal, not quite so proper, LOTS more fun. In addition to the notes above, there's a nice smoke note (wood smoke, perhaps cedar? cigar smoke?) that indicates that this is not Lord George's first time at the club, and that all the civility and formality set forth by this elegant fragrance can be the container for some very, very odd doings. There's probably a gentleman in your life who would wear this well; his passport is up to date and there are stamps in it no one's willing to talk about.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/3/2016
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