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Here's what other people are saying about Artemisia...
Really love this scent!! Makes me imagine that this is how Marie Antoinette's powder room would smell like!! Very feminine!!
By   - Food Packer from Merced on 8/3/2019
Very strange to see an Artemisia fragrance with no Artemisia in it, Artemisia being a well known fragrance material.
By   - retired doctor from UK on 11/19/2014
A nice, sweet patch of grass with a faint suggestion of flowers. Very polite and inoffensive, but on me nothing special. Seems to bloom better on others.
By   - from New Orleans on 10/13/2014
So pure, so subtle, so airy, It's like enhaling the pages of a book with very subtly creamy scent. Superb!
By   - from London on 12/8/2011
There's a note in almost all the Penhaligons that turns sour on my skin. This one smells of rotting sweet apples and bitter herbs.
By   - from El Paso on 5/31/2011
Soft feminine creamy and milky is how I describe this. It has an elegant understated feel and is not perfumey at all. Wear this if you want to smell fresh and clean without smelling citrusy or soapy. Silage and staying power not great but I love it anyway. Top notes lasted about 10 seconds, powdery violet and soft vanilla come out almost immediately.
By   - admin from melb on 5/17/2011
If I were a "girly-girl", this would be the scent for me. It's very lovely and soft. Reminds me of a pair of pretty pink ballet slippers. It's not boring, it's just very pretty.
By  on 3/23/2010
If you like DK Cashmere Mist then you will like this one. They are an eerily similar scent.
By   - from LN, CA on 8/14/2009
So-so unremarkable.
By  on 8/12/2009
too light though
By  on 7/11/2009
Got this as a sample today along with my jus d'amor. Sophisticated scent with an airiness to it.
By   - from Jakarta on 7/5/2009
This was too powdery for me. I thought it smelled kind of good before I put it on, but ended up washing it off in less than 20 minutes. I could tell it was something I would never like because of that powdery top note. I am just starting to get into perfumes, and am trying to figure out what I do and don't like.. so now I know; I don't like anything too powdery!
By   - from Portland on 11/30/2008
Fresh, sweet floral with jasmine and violet, a luscious green breeze, and a faint warm undercurrent of vanilla tones and precious woods. This is very beautiful. My husband says, "mm, pretty."
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 11/20/2008
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