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Reformulated? current version only slightly resembles previous orders. Vintage is MUCH better in all aspects including longevity. Reformulation is the curse of all fragrances.
By   - plant supt. from somewhere in Ohio on 5/3/2020
This is a great scent!! Sure, there are ALWAYS those who it doesn't work for but those are few. The ONLY way to see if you like a product is to TRY it. I am a collector of niche scents and this one is one of my favorites.
By   - plant supt. from somewhere in Ohio on 11/16/2019
Laurel is yet another winning offering from the eclectic CDG line. In this case the key note is the Japanese green Laurel. This is skillfully combined with notes of cedar, oak, lemon, cinnamon, thyme and incense to create a fresh and invigorating scent that is serene and very Zen like. Like many CDG offerings sillage and projection is moderate so I usually layer with Molecule 01 for full three dimensional effect. Very understated, refined and elegant, this is a beautiful perfume.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
This is my daily work scent - just the right amount of spicy kick to wake up the senses followed by lush transportive green notes that continue into the dry down complemented by a spicy wood, amber and tight pepper. As people have stated, it does not last long but the trip it takes me on is worth it.
By   - Designer from Seattle on 2/13/2018
Clearly some folks are not into botany. The reason it smells like tons of bay leaves and "no laurel" is because bay leaves come from the BAY LAUREL tree. They are the exact same tree. You can call it a bay tree, a laurel tree, or a bay laurel tree. All the same thing. We have tons of bay in the SF Bay Area, and I love to pick bay leaves. The scent is magnificent, and so is this perfume!
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 6/6/2016
This very much reminds me of a big old tree with Spanish moss hanging from it. It opens very green and then develops into a woody, spicy scent. Definitely a masculine scent with something a little soft in the background (maybe the amber) and it mellows rather quickly. I wouldn't mind it on my husband
By   - From from New Braunfels on 4/10/2016
This is one of my personal favorites. I don't like "pretty" scents unless they're on my wife. I suggest some of the negative remarks here are because the writer doesn't want many people to smell like them. This is a good scent but Black is somewhat better. I don't go in for separating the individual notes and commenting on each (ALA Basenotes), I just think Laurel SMELLS GOOD.
By   - slave driver from Urbana on 2/27/2016
Wow! I had no idea I would dislike this one so much. It reminded me of cheap rancid men's cologne at first. But it is much improved on the drydown. I am curious though, I will test again tomorrow. I don't think this is a bad scent, it just doesn't jive with me. at all.
By   - student from Salt Lake on 10/22/2010
This really is a gorgeous scent. It opens with a bitter green note that quickly gives way to peppery goodness. It stays spicy for a few minutes, and slowly dissolves into a comforting, fresh-woody-spicy scent that actually reminds me very much of Eau de Cartier. It doesn't last long enough, though. Within three hours, it's just a whisper on my wrist.
By   - writer from Seattle on 10/21/2010
Not a favorite...really kind of an odd scent. There is bay [or at least what I detect even though bay is not in the ingredients], laurel, pepper and incense and that's all I smell. The cedar, patchouli or amber do not make an appearance whatsoever. This is a spicy fragrance; it just barely softens during it's lifespan. Comme des Garcons x Monocle: Laurel wears close to the skin and longevity is good. This fragrance has the aroma of the Holidays and being in a damp forest, rather strong; reminds one of a wreath and eucalyptus branches as if stepping into a small boutique of Holiday cheer. This cologne is very weird; it's not a scent you can stand for very long or throughout the day. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE! I do not recommend this fragrance.
By   - from Gaithersburg on 2/12/2010
Definite incense vibe and for that I like. The top notes are wonderful but it dries down to be too peppery for my taste. Maybe better suited to a man?
By  on 2/3/2010
This is heaven. I love this one like the original CDG many, many years ago. I just got the sample and I can't wait to place my order!!!!
By   - Healthcare from Dallas on 2/1/2010
This is heaven. I love this one live the original CDG many, many years ago. I just got the sample and I can't wait to place my order!!!!
By   - Healthcare from Dallas on 2/1/2010
Bay Leaves, Bay Leaves...and more bay leaves. Like Bay Leaves? You will love this.
By  on 1/15/2010
It's called Laurel, so obviously there won't be much laurel in it, if any. It's peppery, resembling Sous le Bois and maybe Joseph Abboud for Men
By  on 1/10/2010
I was so ready to love this one--given that it's inspired by Lebanon--and it turned out to be quite worthy of the love! When I first read the description I was afraid that it would be too literal an interpretation of traditional Arabic soap, which can smell a bit caustic at times. But this is a very artful interpretation of it: fresh, green and bracing. It's a scent that makes you open up your lungs and inhale--like crisp mountain air on a cool morning in Lebanon. It reminds me of a more cheerful version of Le Labo's Vetiver 46: the same sharp incense, but brightened by laurel. I was thinking about getting CdG x Artek's "Standard"; I'm glad I waited: this is just as sleek and distinct, but much happier.. The silage is quite wonderful, and has good lasting power, too. I ordered my bottle very soon after I received my sample!
By   - architect from Philadelphia, PA on 1/8/2010
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