Eau de Toilette

by Comme des Garcons x Artek

Standard Sizes Available:
100ml $115
0.7ml sample $4
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About a year and a half ago when I was just starting to discover that I was really into fragrances this was the first bottle I bought. I loved it at first but as I started to learn about different notes I realized that this is very synthetic. It smells very good but there''s nothing natural about it. It''s filled with Iso Super E. Nice fragrance but I don''t want to walk around with a synthetic scent. I have very little left of it and will not be buying it again. I''m not sorry I bought it though.
By   - Pastry Chef from NYC on 11/19/2015
I love the smell of fresh plywood in the morning....
By  on 1/29/2010
This is a very light scent, but it lasts for hours. However, for me, the cedar smell was just too overpowering. The ginger and floral notes do help soften it a little.
By   - Graphic Designer from Los Angeles on 11/25/2009
Fantastic scent! Smells like a combination of Fir wood oil and a light subtle incense fragrance such as CdG Kyoto. I got a bottle of this and have not regretted it. It gets better every time I wear it.
By   - from Oklahoma City on 11/23/2009
Pencil shavings, fennel-ginger touch of tuberose and Jalismer. Reminiscent of Jalismer and the tea leaves Green scent, but woodier, starnger, a little foody and one dimensional. It fits in the CdG line really well, but it''s perhaps not different enough in the right way from Jalismer--but you get the "wooden chair" they were going for. Decent sillage 4 hours or so.
By   - Xmas Designer on 11/16/2009
I wanted to comment again on this, now that I''ve been wearing it a few times. I got lots of compliments, often hours after I had applied, so the longevity was very good, and the sillage must be too as people who were 4-5 feet away from me could smell it! This is really good stuff.
By   - from San Diego on 11/10/2009
Another wonderful creation by CDG. They do wood like nobody else. A very diffusive scent with good sillage and longevity. Thanks once again CDG!
By  on 11/10/2009
Its a great fragrance to be sure. However the only thing worse than a bad fragrance is a great fragrance with NO SILLAGE! The longevity is good, but I can''t have my nose glued to my wrist every time I want to wear this.
By  on 11/7/2009
Jaisalmer + Incense Extreme = ARTEKCDG STANDARD EDT
By   - VA/LD on 11/3/2009
incense series no. 7(after hinoki and the others). smells soo much like hinoki. if you can deal with pinechristmas tree smell, then by all means try. i can''t.
By  on 11/3/2009
Just ordered a bottle of this after testing it for a couple of days. This is sort of a signature scent kind of fragrance. I love it. Much more wearable than Hinoki. I love the tea note in this in the drydown.
By   - from Memphis on 10/30/2009
Woody subtle and different. Hint of sweet rust. I like.
By  on 10/26/2009
This is really good stuff - reminds me a bit of Jaisalmer, CdG for H&M and Penhaligon''s Elixir. Very easy to wear and an excellent addition to the CdG repertoire
By   - from San Diego on 10/25/2009
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