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The entire series is a must have for incense lovers. This one is a spicy incense offerings with notes of cinnamon (prominent), cardamom and chili peppers added. Moderate in sillage and projection this one is the most underwhelming in the series. Still very good.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
Y'all know I LOVE Christmas! Jaisalmer shares the same luminous quality with Masque Milano, as well as a cinnamon kick, to a lesser extent. The only drawback is that I'm not getting more out of this. The alien light isn't warm and inviting or cold and distant. It's alien. I don't want to fly to outer space! For my money, I'd sooner buy another bottle of Serge's Fille en Aiguilles. Nonetheless, I'm finishing off my last review for 2017 with 5 Stars.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 12/21/2017
This is exactly like Christmas - and I mean the harshest, most shut in christmas ever - the cold being managed by a severely neglected, sooty fireplace burning the wettest most sappy resinous pine - with a kettle of cinnamon sticks boiling to give a super sweet, uber cloying spicy "festive" effect. This is the exact opposite of Kyoto - being one of the "cleanest" smoke scents I've ever experienced. This is the dirtiest. This is raw pine needles stuck on your muddy, frozen boots, stepping into a heat that is almost intolerable. The "quality" of this "scent experience" is quite good - I mean, It does put you there…
By   - Art Jeweler from Dover, DE on 2/27/2017
After first spray, I already like it better than Avignon. This is so much brighter, bursting with conifer-like incense. Sharp and spicy like CdG’s Black, but with more warmth, which gives this more versatility than either two scents. Unfortunately, I experience the same short lifespan as Avignon, but still a thumbs up!
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 11/28/2015
I absolutely ADORE this fragrance! But I will not buy any more because the scent only lasts about 5 min 10 tops... I would GLADLY pay more if they would make it last longer!! BEAUTIFUL fragrance !!! LOVE it ! Too expensive for the short time of duration. Please make it last longer !!
By   - Registered Nurse from Hamilton on 5/22/2014
Wasn't that impressed with this one. This has to be the lightest woody/inscence frag I've sampled. The overall scent was decent, just too light and airy for my taste. I got a light amount of incense and a bit of wood. I really didn't smell too much spice with this. The wood was nice (I want to say the ebony was what I was getting the most of), there just wasn't enough for me to love this one. Projection and longevity were weak on my skin.
By  on 4/29/2013
Gorgeous and comfortable fragrance to wear every day, a peaceful and serene cedar with powdery incense reminiscent of myrrh. The ebony is like a setting that displays the jewel of the cedar and its perfume. Although not the most magical of the series (Kyoto and Avignon seem to pour over the skin like rolling smoke) it is the sexiest and most feminine. It invites the wearer to come in and smell it. More like an altar than a church. Love it! I give it four stars for creativity but five for wearability--I bought a FB.
By   - Mother from Portland on 9/19/2012
This is my favorite of the incense series. A sweet and spicy cedar, I inhale deeply when I wear this. As do others. Full bottle worthy for sure.
By   - from Washington, DC on 12/11/2011
...just wanted to add-after 20 minutes or so of wearing this, I keep getting little wafts of frankencense. But only if I really jam my nose into my wrist,lol. There really is no lasting power to this.
By   - from Airdrie, AB Canada on 8/23/2011
I'd say this is leaning towards masculine instead of unisex. Cedar and cinnamon are predominant upon application, with an astigent (not unpleasant) overlay. I didn't find that it gave much sillage, it sits close to my skin (maybe you need to spray this one to get some waft). After it settles, it's mostly soft cedar and a vague,muted lemoney scent ...and then, Jaisalmer simply dissapears.
By   - from Airdrie, AB Canada on 8/23/2011
Smells interesting first out of the sample bottle, but then just becomes cedar, cinnamon, and opopanax (sweet myrrh--which is odd, b/c I don't see that listed on in the scent notes) on me. In fact, I was able to approximate the scent with those essentials oils and some frankincense and cardamom thrown in. I still prefer Avignon, which I sweeten up with Regina Harris' Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose Maroc.
By  on 2/26/2011
After the drydown, it smells like cedar on me, which I find very soothing and pleasant. It is not a perfume that I would wear in the traditional sense ( dressing up or for daily wear to the office) I want this for at home to spend a contemplative day surrounded by it.
By   - Business Development from Baltimore on 2/8/2011
Am I alone in thinking this smells similar to Standard? Not a bad thing, as I love them both...
By  on 10/29/2010
I really love this. It is IMO the most wearable of the series, closely followed by Kyoto. It is also -IMO again- the one where the incense is the least prominent; it's mainly cedar and spices for me, both scents I love anyway. My favorite of the line, along with Avignon which unfortunately needs some spine to wear in public, with good lasting power (over 8 hours in my skin) and sillage. Definitely my next full bottle purchase.
By   - computer programmer from Athens on 7/29/2009
This is quite strong compared with other CdG perfumes but I love it. A strong cedar smell to me, but mixed with spices and other woods. I think it is lovely, but actually think it might be better on a man? Either way, it is serene, delicate and powerful, all at the same time!
By   - Student from Amsterdam on 6/26/2008
Has a very clove scent dry down
By   - from Dothan on 6/23/2008
I adore this. Heavily spiced woods, deep and comforting. An autumn and winter scent. I actually prefer this over Avignon, with my chemistry Jaisalmer is the far more wearable of the two.
By   - Nurse from St Louis on 3/23/2008
This is the third CDG Incense I have tried, and NONE of them have dissapointed me. In the drydown I get spicy woods, so I feel lucky!
By   - Lighting Tech from Los Angeles on 2/7/2008
I bought this as a chance. From the other reviews I figured that I would have to like it, even a little bit. I sprayed it on my forarm and became intoxicated. This is not the smell of the india I know. If you like avignon, and who doesn't?, this is an actual wearable version aside from christmas mass. I smell cedre, clove, and wood, a forest after a heavy rain fall in the automn.
By   - day dreamer from new england on 9/9/2007
I like woody-incense type scents. Jaisalmer is my favourite. I do like the smell of some of the other CdG incense scents - as long as they're not actually on me! I like Jaisalmer's sharpness - a newly made wooden box full of fresh cardamom, cinnamom and pepper. My other preferred scent is Let Me Play tyhe Lion - a less distinct experience - older, dustier, softer, and sweeter - anise and sandalwood.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 7/27/2007
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