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Recalls a newly refurbished penthouse apartment with the fresh scent of fine quality timber. The pine note is refined and reminiscent of silver fir oil, with a sawdust accent. This is one of my top favourite woody scents, with a natural quality on a par with Norne by Slumberhouse, but lighter. Fits in well with C de G creations in the incense series, which are all great fragrances for those who love the aroma of natural wood. I would guess it may owe something to sunstruck pine resin, a material developed by Givaudan at one time, but that is just conjecture. This fragrance is not cheap considering the bottle is small at 50ml, However I have invested in two bottles.
By   - Retired doctor from Stratford on Avon on 12/25/2017
I love the scent, however the lasting power is ridiculously low. I would have to apply this 3 or 4 times a day for it to stay on my skin.
By   - Musician from Toronto on 1/1/2017
This is a wonderful, intriguing scent. Not sweet at all, and yet not austere: balanced between dry and not so dry. The woods are blended so well that they become something else entirely. The pine adds an almost bitter-lemon aura to the cedar and vetiver. I don''t know cypress, so perhaps that is what I am smelling too, and I''ve never been to Japan, but somehow this makes me think of a wooden cabin in the early spring in the California desert after a rain. Lovely.
By   - artist from Florence on 9/6/2016
I found this intriguing on application, peppery, green,bright fresh sap under a layer of pepper, toning down into smoother almost lemonmint in the pepper wood moment - then it disappeared! gone in about ten minutes.... odd, maybe its me. pity, I was enjoying it.
By   - from Dublin, Ireland on 12/22/2013
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