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Laurel is yet another winning offering from the eclectic CDG line. In this case the key note is the Japanese green Laurel. This is skillfully combined with notes of cedar, oak, lemon, cinnamon, thyme and incense to create a fresh and invigorating scent that is serene and very Zen like. Like many CDG offerings sillage and projection is moderate so I usually layer with Molecule 01 for full three dimensional effect. Very understated, refined and elegant, this is a beautiful perfume.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
This is so fresh, woody and delightful. I need more projection and longevity Comme Des Garcons! Love love love your scents, but this is a consistent challenge with all your beautiful creations.
By   - Technologist from Eastvale on 12/19/2018
Recalls a newly refurbished penthouse apartment with the fresh scent of fine quality timber. The pine note is refined and reminiscent of silver fir oil, with a sawdust accent. This is one of my top favourite woody scents, with a natural quality on a par with Norne by Slumberhouse, but lighter. Fits in well with C de G creations in the incense series, which are all great fragrances for those who love the aroma of natural wood. I would guess it may owe something to sunstruck pine resin, a material developed by Givaudan at one time, but that is just conjecture. This fragrance is not cheap considering the bottle is small at 50ml, However I have invested in two bottles.
By   - Retired doctor from Stratford on Avon on 12/25/2017
I love the scent, however the lasting power is ridiculously low. I would have to apply this 3 or 4 times a day for it to stay on my skin.
By   - Musician from Toronto on 1/1/2017
This is a wonderful, intriguing scent. Not sweet at all, and yet not austere: balanced between dry and not so dry. The woods are blended so well that they become something else entirely. The pine adds an almost bitter-lemon aura to the cedar and vetiver. I don't know cypress, so perhaps that is what I am smelling too, and I've never been to Japan, but somehow this makes me think of a wooden cabin in the early spring in the California desert after a rain. Lovely.
By   - artist from Florence on 9/6/2016
Similar to Timbuktu and Passage d'Efner. But not as nice. Smells a bit medicinal/pine sol.
By  on 8/25/2014
I found this intriguing on application, peppery, green,bright fresh sap under a layer of pepper, toning down into smoother almost lemon/mint in the pepper wood moment - then it disappeared! gone in about ten minutes.... odd, maybe its me. pity, I was enjoying it.
By   - from Dublin, Ireland on 12/22/2013
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