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Very reminiscent of church. Not sure if that''s a good thing or if I like it or not.
By   - IT from Dublin on 9/5/2018
I’m a sucker for a scent that doesn’t shy away from notes that are overtly non-natural, so the turpentine-esque mineral note accompanying the cypress at the top of Hinoki is a feature, not a bug. It unfolds beautifully, with all those green notes clearly available if you’re willing to be a bit patient and let them unwrap themselves. (That subtle cleansing camphor is a treat.) The drydown brings that water-washed pine in and out of focus beautifully I’d wear this one on office days when I don’t want to be just outside, but specifically Outside And Away From Here.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/9/2018
This is one of those rare perfumes where you can actually smell every single one of its listed notes. The cedar and vetiver are especially prominent, and the pine is not so overwhelming that it ever starts smelling like air freshener. Instead, it''s a very earthy and meditative scent that evokes a cedar attic in an old house in the middle of a forest—it''s thoughtful, quiet, and mysterious. Definitely not an everyday perfume or one that you''d wear to a special event, but it''s got such an interesting unfolding personality that it''s one of my favorites nevertheless.
By   - Photographer from Ann Arbor, MI on 8/12/2016
Very bright and pleasant. I like this one quite a bit. Matches description perfectly.
By   - Electronic Music Artist from Charlotte on 1/5/2016
Pine, Listerine, toothpaste and frankincense. And somehow, like so many of CDG''s surreally scented creations, it works brilliantly. Masculine without being too macho, mature but still fun, sophisticated yet earthy. Classic. Highly Recommended.
By  on 2/11/2015
Forgive the weird reference, but this scent immediately makes me picture George''s gorgeous house in Tom Ford''s "A Single Man." At once woodsy and glassy, this gets high marks for me for uniqueness. It is elusive and changing, masculine but not off-putting. The addition of "turnpentine" and "camphor" are my favorite aspect while I lean toward masculine scents, I think I''d rather smell this on my boyfriend than myself. It''s gorgeous but I have to take away a star because it fades rapidly --I mean it totally evaporates without a trace after 30 minutes. So sad when that happens!
By  on 1/21/2015
Prefer to spray this on my jacket lining than on my bod. The opening is more than a bit sharp and could use some rounding out. The drydown saves it for me. Probably wouldn''t buy for personal use due to lack of patience. Maybe a gift for someone else- though in reality, I probably wouldn''t do that either.
By   - from Evansville on 11/24/2012
My husband and I love this scent for him. It''s warm, sensual, masculine, and unique. Nothing department store or artificial smelling here. It''s divine. It has a fresh wood scent, but still has that depth that I love as an oud fan. I''ve smelled hundreds of samples and absolutely love this one. LOVE it.
By   - Writer from Omaha on 10/21/2011
My olfactory glands were little criminal nodes, holding my brain hostage - "that''s right they were actually gonna kill my liquid brain" - until my heavy left hand squirted some of this crazy juice out of its ugly bottle and onto my stupid flesh. Now we''re all wafting in turpentiny harmony.
By   - comeapArtist from Fargo on 4/18/2011
Reminds me of being inside a freshly painted shed, with a light drizze outside.Its high quality but i dont want to smell like that.
By   - computer artist from Sydney on 4/5/2011
a little too harsh for my taste. the initial smell is really sharp woodsychemical
By   - DJ from BC on 3/25/2011
Very nice scent! Very clean, crisp, and can be worn by a man or a woman.
By  on 1/24/2011
luv it, lasts long on me, with an an earthy, mossy, dirty herbalness ...
By   - from sf/oakland on 10/20/2010
This is a really special scent--all the smokiness of Avignon, but with a piney, camphor, woody drydown. It''s like the refined, American take on Tauer''s L''air du Maroc--big myrrh on the backend. I loved it, it''s a bit macho, and normally anything remotely piney is a non started for me. I would defs do full bottle once I have the budget.
By   - Mnsr. acolyte from Newark on 11/16/2009
I received my sample on Thursday at 5pm , placed an order at 530 pm. Smells like fresh cut pine.. One of my top 10
By   - from MacTown on 5/20/2009
The start of this reminded me of my childhood and running around in the woods. It is very dry and woody, with the slight hintoddness of the turpentine. Lucky for me it''s not obvious that it''s turpentine). After about an hour I was in pure heaven as the frankinscense wove it''s way in. WOW
By   - from Portland on 4/13/2009
On me: Old wet towel. A big house made of wood in a state of huge decay. Awful.On my friend:Wonderfully woody, fresh, masculine scent with hints of vetiver, cedar, lemon(?)... Beautiful.So - you should try before you buy :)
By  on 12/22/2008
There is no citrus in this fragrance, let alone lemon. The previous reviewer is either sampling the wrong frag or needs to see a nose doctor immediately
By  on 9/9/2008
wrote about this more extensively on mua but wanted to add to the dialogue. The beginnings of Hinoki are very very interesting and almost had me pulling out my credit card right there and then. Citrus, warm wonderful citrus swirling in evergreens and smoke. However, within a short time on my skin (about an hour) it morphed into a very average masculine scent very reminiscent of eau d''hadrien. warm musky lemon. not much else. If the initial bracing woods and citrus stayed true, it easily would have joined my private collection. For now, it''s good for occasional spritzing at the barney''s counter.
By   - from san francisco on 8/29/2008
The extremely interesting an amazing scents always garner polarizing reviews. Either you hate this one or you ''get it''. I got it and it has on of the most beautiful and alluring drydowns of any fragrance I have ever owned.
By  on 8/5/2008
As many others have mentioned there is this surprisingly bizarre vicks-vapor rub, medicinal, menthol, chemical, turpentine (in the descirption) note that just ruins it. If they had left this out it would be very nice.
By  on 7/24/2008
Masculine Class Intriguing Unconventional Calming in uncommercial way
By  on 7/20/2008
Less than average incense scent. Stick to the Incense Series 3 instead. There''s also a horrid steam smelling note in the middle.
By  on 6/21/2008
It''s a wonderful, woodsy scent. The addition of turpentine gives it an interesting twist. CdG has several other colognes that smell a bit like it, Sequoia, Palisander and Kyoto. It''s very masculine. (Also, Barney''s and others have it for about $20 less than Lucky Scent.)
By   - consultant from san francisco on 6/6/2008
I like woodsy fragrances, but the initial turpentinecamphor is way too harsh and intensely menthol for me -- like setting up camp in a toxic-fume forest. It settles down eventually, but I can''t bear to wear it again.
By   - from Dallas on 5/18/2008
Monocle Scent One: HinokiHow does one review the pinnacle of my fragrant journey? Perhaps my review is premature because I simply can’t define how stunning this fragrance is. Here are the official notes:Cypress, turpentine, camphor, cedar, thyme, pine, Georgian wood, frankincense, moss and vetiver. This fragrance doesn’t reveal itself through stages of morphologic transitions. It is as if the fragrance is transparent and you can smell all stages at once. I am in no way suggesting Hinoki is linear - - it is far from it. The turpentine and camphor mingles with the woods of cypress and cedar. This creates a mesmerizing tunnel through which the thyme and pine drags the top notes into a vortex where everything is still transparent and clearly represented. The Georgian wood, frankincense, moss, and vetiver is there at the end of the black hole to immediately connect with the stellar masterpiece thus far. If you could imagine a worm hole to be clear and represent this fragrance, it will transport your senses from point A to point B instantaneously without missing a note. Incredible! How does it do this? I don’t know it just does and it works. I can understand where people are coming from in their review of Hinoki. I do get a slight incense but the type on incense found here is closer to Avignon for its dry and smoky character rather than Kyoto where it is a bit more wet. I also detect a cooling, snow frost note found in Zagorsk which in Hinoki, comes off like a clean musk that is fantastic. I truly thought that nothing would ever be able to surpass my beloved Kyoto but friends, history has just been made. I give this a 100 out of 5 stars. Yes, it really is that good!
By  on 5/14/2008
Kind of reminds me of Z14(?) with its musky warmth. However, the camphor is not for me. I see a great difference between a nice mint aspect to a fragrance vs camphor which will always be that odd, medicinal smell associated with moth balls and creams. Frankly, this fragrance seemed like "a muscle pain reliever" with musk.
By   - Reg Affairs - Pharmaceutical from Philadelphia on 4/27/2008
This scent starts off very camphorous and medicinal, but dries down within an hour to a lovely woody incense scent. Reminds me of a cross between Heeley Cardinale and CdG Kyoto. I only wish it were a bit stronger and more long-lasting, then it would get a 5.
By   - from San Diego on 4/14/2008
This is really the only woodsy sent I''ve ever liked as I find most usually remind me of those pine tree air freshners one would hang from their rearview mirror. Its no surprise that the inspiration for this scent is derivative of ceremonial baths because Hinoki comes across as dignified if not royal yet modern and thankfully not old-manish. There are quite a few notes which I can individually place aside from the obvious green ones. The turpentine and incense are truly recognizeable and blend seamlessly with the vetiver and wood. Also, Hinoki gives off a certain aura or mood that reminds me of early morning. It could probably be worn casually or formally as well. Defineately one of the best Comme des Garcons ever.
By   - from Boston on 4/1/2008
this scent is so dry it crackles. it is austere and quite elegant.
By   - graphic design from Los Angeles on 3/23/2008
This perfume is zen perfect, like Kyoto, it hit me in my third eye, I love it soulfully, so no one else buy it, please, I''d like it to be mine alone....
By   - Chef from Wgtn on 3/21/2008
At last, the woody scent I have been searching for! This delicious creation is truly unisex in that it does not have the cedar-heavy, sawdust leanings of that say "male" to me as have so many other fragrances I have tried. Hinoki has an elusive smoky quality yet it is also warm, soothing and very much present. Lovely.
By   - from DC on 3/19/2008
Oil paints, painthinner (ie, turpentine), and the fir box and palette I used to mix the paints. What a great perfume!
By   - from Rochester Minnesota on 3/10/2008
reminds me very much so of kyoto. it''s one of those where you put it on and forget, then keep getting sniffs of something and wonder what smells so good. then you realize it''s you! definitely f.b. worthy!
By   - architect student from st. louis on 3/10/2008
In general, I tend to like resinous wood and incense smells, so this is perfect for me. I think the description is fairly accurate, so maybe I can only restate it in more mundane terms. Initially, this fragrance reminds me of the smell of a hot sauna with maybe a hint of the mustiness of the baked-in sweat, crossed with the some of the smell of a steamroom with eucalyptus added to the steam (must be the camphor and maybe the thyme), but overall I agree that this is a dry, not a wet, fragrance. In the dry-down, I can still smell the cedar, camphor and that mustiness I can''t place (but that I like), but the resinous pine (pine sap, not pine needles - the cypress and frankincense) comes forward. How else could I describe it? I wear Kyoto regularly, and they share similar notes. If you started with Kyoto, took out the coffee scent, added some of the frankincense and myrrh of Avignon, and amped up the cedar and especially cypress, you might start to get there. On me, it lasts all day. I''m male, but my female colleagues like it a lot too. Hope that helps!
By   - from San Francisco on 3/5/2008
By   - art on 3/1/2008
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