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I think this has the potential to be lovely but you HAVE to try before you buy. On me it starts nice and then dries to something so chemical and flat and sad. Real disappointment but bullet dodged.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/22/2020
This is spooky. . . . It's like the interior of the world's most precious cedar chest, balanced and warmed with frankincense and a tiny bit of vetiver? But the wood is spooky in its three-dimensionality. My arm now smells like a freshly split cedar log. In a good way. Hypnotic.
By   - writer - gardener - musician from Frankfort, KY on 5/9/2020
Smells like some old-fashioned slap-on aftershave, like Old Spice or Bay Rum, or both. Apart from being invocative of old men in suits on their way to church, I might as well just use actual Bay Rum/Old Spice.
By   - Instructor from Akron on 4/11/2020
Everything about this is beautiful. The strong pine-based top notes are amazing and just reminds me of a fresh and clean smell. The drydown is absolutely beautiful as well & performs incredibly well even in harsh factory conditions. Overall this is only of my all time favorite scents & while I could not wear it as a signature scent it's in my top 3 go to fragrances for sure!
By   - Machine operator from Etowah on 3/20/2020
I have been searching for years for a scent that smells great. I finally found the one. Hinoki is as good as it gets.
By   - Doctor from Panama City on 11/16/2019
A beautiful and bright pine-based incense which evokes the smell cedar and Japanese "Hinoki" wood. This light and airy creation adds notes of cypress, turpentine, camphor, cedar, thyme, pine, frankincense, moss and vetiver to create a well balanced and easily wearable scent. The downside like many CDG offerings is low to moderate sillage and longevity. The perfume conjures up of a morning walk in a pine laden forest. Clearly, yet another winner from the always unpredictable and edgy house of Comme des Garcons.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
This scent is absolutely beautiful! Obsession worthy....while it lasted. The longevity is dismal and is more of a skinscent. It still won't stop me from repurchasing, just wish there was a more longevity and projection to delight the world around you with it.
By   - Technologist from Eastvale on 12/19/2018
Very reminiscent of church. Not sure if that's a good thing or if I like it or not.
By   - IT from Dublin on 9/5/2018
I’m a sucker for a scent that doesn’t shy away from notes that are overtly non-natural, so the turpentine-esque mineral note accompanying the cypress at the top of Hinoki is a feature, not a bug. It unfolds beautifully, with all those green notes clearly available if you’re willing to be a bit patient and let them unwrap themselves. (That subtle cleansing camphor is a treat.) The drydown brings that water-washed pine in and out of focus beautifully; I’d wear this one on office days when I don’t want to be just outside, but specifically Outside And Away From Here.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/9/2018
This is one of those rare perfumes where you can actually smell every single one of its listed notes. The cedar and vetiver are especially prominent, and the pine is not so overwhelming that it ever starts smelling like air freshener. Instead, it's a very earthy and meditative scent that evokes a cedar attic in an old house in the middle of a forest—it's thoughtful, quiet, and mysterious. Definitely not an everyday perfume or one that you'd wear to a special event, but it's got such an interesting unfolding personality that it's one of my favorites nevertheless.
By   - Photographer from Ann Arbor, MI on 8/12/2016
Very bright and pleasant. I like this one quite a bit. Matches description perfectly.
By   - Electronic Music Artist from Charlotte on 1/5/2016
Pine, Listerine, toothpaste and frankincense. And somehow, like so many of CDG's surreally scented creations, it works brilliantly. Masculine without being too macho, mature but still fun, sophisticated yet earthy. Classic. Highly Recommended.
By  on 2/11/2015
Forgive the weird reference, but this scent immediately makes me picture George's gorgeous house in Tom Ford's "A Single Man." At once woodsy and glassy, this gets high marks for me for uniqueness. It is elusive and changing, masculine but not off-putting. The addition of "turnpentine" and "camphor" are my favorite aspect; while I lean toward masculine scents, I think I'd rather smell this on my boyfriend than myself. It's gorgeous but I have to take away a star because it fades rapidly --I mean it totally evaporates without a trace after 30 minutes. So sad when that happens!
By  on 1/21/2015
Prefer to spray this on my jacket lining than on my bod. The opening is more than a bit sharp and could use some rounding out. The drydown saves it for me. Probably wouldn't buy for personal use due to lack of patience. Maybe a gift for someone else- though in reality, I probably wouldn't do that either.
By   - from Evansville on 11/24/2012
My husband and I love this scent for him. It's warm, sensual, masculine, and unique. Nothing department store or artificial smelling here. It's divine. It has a fresh wood scent, but still has that depth that I love as an oud fan. I've smelled hundreds of samples and absolutely love this one. LOVE it.
By   - Writer from Omaha on 10/21/2011
My olfactory glands were little criminal nodes, holding my brain hostage - "that's right; they were actually gonna kill my liquid brain" - until my heavy left hand squirted some of this crazy juice out of its ugly bottle and onto my stupid flesh. Now we're all wafting in turpentiny harmony.
By   - comeapArtist from Fargo on 4/18/2011
Reminds me of being inside a freshly painted shed, with a light drizze outside.Its high quality but i dont want to smell like that.
By   - computer artist from Sydney on 4/5/2011
a little too harsh for my taste. the initial smell is really sharp woodsy/chemical
By   - DJ from BC on 3/25/2011
Very nice scent! Very clean, crisp, and can be worn by a man or a woman.
By  on 1/24/2011
luv it, lasts long on me, with an an earthy, mossy, dirty herbalness ...
By   - from sf/oakland on 10/20/2010
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