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It smelled far too wet and musty... sort of like wet moss. If the scent was a bit sharper, maybe with more mint or patchouli, I would have found it more pleasant. I LOVE Profumum, but this is not one of my favorites.
By   - Perfume Addict from Denver, CO on 4/27/2016
Thundra begins for me with a dreaded musty patchouli and something lightly green. It is rather dry, but just when I thought it was a loser, some mint and musk arrive. Totally unisex. Totally wearable. Turns into a skin scent for me, but I did not have the benefit of liberal spritzing. I really like this stuff. I could wear it year round.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 4/7/2015
Love, love, love it! The opening is a blend of dry patchouli, dry grass, and (I think) wheat. The mint makes it all buoyant and airy, never even coming close to smelling like toothpaste. You might recognize the smell as being more or less the fragrance of a bar of Irish Springs soap with just a little musk tossed in the background. Lasts 24+ hours on me. This brings back wonderful memories of my dad (a family doc) who always smelled of that soap.
By  on 5/16/2014
The notes, the idea, the bottle...and yet my skin will not cooperate. This is beyond musty, it's expired pre-packaged arugula left at room temperature for too long. I keep trying my sample every few months to see if something changed, I even put the vial in the fridge for a last ditch effort to nurse the wilted leaves back to health :(
By   - Court Interpreter from West Hills on 1/4/2013
I let the samples rest after they arrived. I tried this twice before I wrote anything down. Very piney with a touch of lemon. I do smell the wet forest scent but I also smell kitchen cleanser, which is definitely not something I'd want to pay $240 for. Not a bad scent but not what I want and not for the $$$. No doubt it's more complex than simply pine-sol, but that's what it will remind some of.
By   - Therapist from New York on 6/13/2012
My first impression on application from a sample I bought from Luckyscent was that it was a little soapy, but it quickly developed a very nice minty/woodsy balance with an interesting complexity which grew on me more and more the longer I wore it. If Profumum sold 50ml bottles of this at a lower price I'd be all over it, and Arso, Victrix, Aqua Nobilis and maybe a couple others too. At $200+ for a big bottle, I have to think twice.
By   - Software from Austin on 5/17/2012
Wow. Im so confused. First dab was un exciting. It seemed to die on the drydown. I knew I was missing something. Just tried this again and know where 240 of my hard earned dollars are headed. This is a winner. To me I get the image of a clawfoot bathtub in the middle of a damp forest. Clean and Earthy
By  on 4/25/2012
Thundra. I love it but I'll probably never wear it out. But I want it around. Maybe I'll wear it when I'm walking just over the hill to visit my grandparent's old home. Yeah, I could do that. It's masculine on my skin. In the best of ways. It smells like my grandpa, and being with him in that 4-room wood house he built in the early 1930s. (It still stands, it's still lived in and I've heard people say it's still as solid as a new house even with it being nearly 80 years old, thank you.) Well, my grandpa never wore any kind of perfumes or colognes, or stuff like that, but once in a while something really important would happen; like somebody would die, or company would come from far away. And he didn't really smell like perfume, but you could smell it on him anyway. And this was way back a long time ago. Back when all cars smelled old, but it wasn't an old smell then, because they all smelled that way, and they were all dark green or black. But my grandpa, he'd smell of something that reminded me of bay rum but it wasn't bay rum along with a smell like he'd been out in the garden handling some herbs too, but real clean like, not like he'd been out in the herb garden but just come into the room from getting all dressed up for whatever important was happening that day. He must have had something an awful lot like Thundra hidden in his room.
By   - from North Carolina on 5/1/2011
Try a sample. I did & now I am hooked. I can't get enough of this scent! Masculine but wearable for women who love a strong scent. The smell lingers on my scarves & I can tell you, it continues to smell fresh & sexy. Worth every f***ing penny.
By   - Self from Seattle on 3/5/2011
Very nice, green, and fresh ... damp wood with just a touch of mint. I do not find this to smell like patchouli (a scent which I don't like anyway). Definitely let this dry down for 15 minutes before you deliberate on it as it is quite strong at first.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 9/19/2008
I LOVE this scent! I purchased it without a sample and I feel like I hit the jackpot! I don't know about a walk in the woods after a rain etc. I only know it's warm, fresh, spicy, and wonderful. It's definitely worth a sample to try. I will make this one of my main fragrances.
By  on 6/26/2008
I have to say, I wasn't a fan of this at all. I was hoping for a mystical, earthy perfume. At first, there is a deep, spicy scent--very sensual, and not what I was expecting, more "night out" than woodsy." I didn't like it, because of the strength. But I waited for it to dry down. On me, it's the powdery musk I then smell. It's not a clean, woodsy smell. More like...old men's cologne that's been sitting in a closet getting stronger and stronger, and...drugstore powder. Nothing exotic or mysterious about this to me. Drats.
By   - writer from Long Beach, NY on 4/14/2008
The mint really stands out on me, I just can't stop smelling myself, I just wanted to keep tabbing myself with perfume until I had used up most of the bottle! Straight out of the bottle I didn't like the smell and thought it was too harsh but once I applied it smelled softer and delicious! I definite buy!
By   - Teacher from Hawaii on 2/14/2008
More like a walk though a forest after a bushfires been through it and then heavy rainfall...and the musk of a stag in full rut somewhere off in the distance... It's one of the most interesting scents I've come accross for a long time. VERY Earthy, with a touch of fire and rain mixed in... A bit too full on for me to wear, but I keep the bottle around to sniff occasionly
By   - from Australia on 8/29/2007
Whoa this is nice! Actually I think this smells more like 'the beach' than Acqua di Sale by far. Very fresh and a little minty and could be compared slightly to suntan oil but not in a gross way. Great for the summer.
By  on 7/24/2007
The luckyscent description was dead on as usual....but a bit too literal this time. It really did smell like a walk through a damp forest. Decaying leaves, dirt andd fungus. Actually it smelled like the underside of a dirty mushroom. Very unpleasant
By   - from chicago on 7/21/2007
Patchouly is the prominent note I smell, and then leaves. It's an earthy fragrance that's light and crisp. Definitely try if you like patchouly. I'm not much of a patchouly fan and thought this smelled pretty good, but on my testing I found longevity to be lacking.
By  on 7/18/2007
This scent is for a Man, no doubt - it smells exactly like shaving cream to me...sharply familiar. For this reason, I am disappointed, as I expected something more unique. The patchouli comes through the most but it has more of a sandalwood quality to it. I don't get mint or leaves at all, forest floor or anything; just my dad's old shaving cream. I would recommend this to any man who is looking for a classic scent, but I find the price to be outrageous.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 6/21/2007
Way tooooo much Mint and Leaves, not enough Musk or Patchouli. Actually the Mint smells more like Eucalyptus on me...Definitely Not A Winner!
By   - from Florida on 6/14/2007
A wee bit too masculine for my tastes. Smells like decaying leaves (which I love), rotting mint (meh, not so much) and patchouli (ugh) on me. Glad i just sprang for the sample.
By   - from Bronxville on 5/12/2007
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