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Just received my full bottle today! This is SO beautiful, maybe the most beautiful floral fragrance that I have ever smelled. After draining 2 samples I just had to get the bottle, It smells like a lush wedding bouquet and is just the most complex scent and has the most beautiful gardenia note ever. I have applied it about 3 times today, and it might not be the most long lasting. But I will buy another bottle when this is gone no matter the price! Beautiful..
By   - Attorney from Augusta on 3/19/2021
Serious gardenia/tuberose. Extremely sweet, strong floral, very true, does not smell cheap, does not dry down to anything yucky. Excellent.
By   - Writer from Saratoga Springs NY on 3/15/2021
Just GORGEOUS! I received a sample of this and applied this morning. I am overwhelmed with the beauty of this floral scent and I cannot believe that I see other reviews saying that this is average in any way. It is so rich and complex and one can tell that there are many many facets to this fragrance. Definitely ordering a full bottle of this beauty.
By   - atty from Augusta on 2/26/2021
The opening is airy, heady and beautiful, but soon turns very mothbally on my skin. In the dry down the jasmine notes are prominent and remind me of Hiram Green's Moon Bloom quite a bit, even in the absence of tuberose in Melodie or Gardenia in MB. I am not completely sold I am going to order a full bottle anytime soon.
By   - Executive from San Francisco on 1/14/2021
This is a really lovely, classy floral. It reminds me of honeysuckle vines. I don't know if I would drop $350 on perfume, but definitely worth sampling.
By   - editor from washington dc on 1/9/2020
It IS initially divine, but on me, that vague burnt rubber smell is a little more like mothballs, especially on the dry down. I still considered getting a FB, but every time I use some from my tester/sample, the results are the same: initial intoxication that eventually is overtaken by whiffs of mothballs. So sad because as others have noted, you can tell they used far richer ingredients than Van Cleef & Arpels, for example. Sigh...
By   - Professor from Vancouver on 8/31/2019
This is a white fragrance, but I agree with the first review, it's been done before. I didn't get the "big" white floral experience, instead it morphed into more of a gardenia smell.
By   - Consultant from Little Rock on 5/26/2018
This a beautiful fragrance...It is not very special to me, in that it has been done before. This being said, for those who love big white florals this is IT...as it is classy and never dirty smelling..
By   - therapist from Brooklyn on 1/16/2017
So on the fence about this one, bought it as a blind purchase after reading some reviews. After the first spray all I get is a burnt rubber scent. As it fades I get the gardenia and cedar and then that burnt rubber smell. As it settles I get white flowers and that fungal gardenia scent I love and then it gets soft, almost a skin scent. I was expecting so much more from this one but i need to wear it a few more times to figure it out.
By   - Sales from Calgary on 11/2/2016
This is one of the most unique and exquisite fragrances I have ever inhaled. It is complex and divine and you can tell they used the most expensive components of capturing the intense fragrances of each flower (take van cleef & arpels's gardenia and multiply it by a million). I was going to apply my $20 coupon on this as it comes at a hefty price tag but my guy was sweet enough to pick this up for me in Zurich as a gift and now i can still afford to pay my rent :-) The perfumer, Ploi, is a gift to the industry. The daughter of a beloved Thai poet, her creations echo that poetry in the most tender yet intense way...This is a full bloom and heartachingly beautiful. I'm so glad she exists!
By   - Shrink from New York on 10/16/2016
One of the most heavenly florals I have ever smelled. Sumptuous yet sheer, Sparklingly romantic. More than lives up to the hype, it surpasses it. Can't wait to get a full bottle.
By   - Musician from Takoma Park on 8/24/2016
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